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標題: The Study on Estimating Volume of Rice in Granary Using Machine Vision
作者: 高嘉慶
Kao, Chia-Ching
關鍵字: Machine Vision;機器視覺;Storage,;Volume;儲穀量;體積
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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根據試驗結果,距離估算範圍為5 m-24 m,平均誤差率為2.07%。體積估算試驗分成兩部份:1. 實驗室模擬:針對五組不同體積進行估算,在水平掃描角度和縱軸掃描角度各為1°時,平均誤差率為4.61%;在水平掃描角度為3°和縱軸掃描角度為2°時,平均誤差率為9.48%。2. 實際穀倉試驗:實際穀倉儲穀量體積為235.000 m3,估算平均體積為241.367 m3,平均誤差率為2.71%。

In this study, the system for estimating volume of rice in granary using machine vision had been developed. It can estimate the volume of rice in granary as well as the volume of irregular object. The 3D surface of the object can be constructed.
The system consists of two CCD cameras, laser pointer, stepping motors and the platform. The distance between the object and the system can be estimated with 3D(three dimensional) image which are constructed from two CCD cameras' image. The rotational angles of stepping motors are used to computer the coordinates of the object. Furthermore, the volume of the object can be estimated by using the trapezoid formula. The 3D surface of the object can be plotted. The rice is piled up in granary. Therefore, the far object will not block the near object that is assumed in this study.
The simulation in laboratory and the test in granary had been undertaken. The distance between the object and the system is from 5 m to 24 m. According to the results, the averaged relative error for estimating the distance is about 2.07%. For the simulation in laboratory, five different volumes were tested. The averaged error is about 4.61% when the system scans every 1° in horizontal and vertical directions. The averaged relative error is about 9.48% when the system scans every 3° in horizontal direction and every 2° in vertical direction. For the test in granary, the estimated volume of rice is 241.367 m3 comparing to 235.000 m3 which was obtained from manual calculation. The averaged relative error is about 2.71%.
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