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標題: 由蒽醌藍製備可水溶隱性顏料與顏料化之特性探討
Preparation and Pigmentation of Water-Soluble Latent Pigment from Indanthrone
作者: Chang, Chih-Hsiang
關鍵字: Water-soluble latent pigment;Indanthrone;Pigmentation;Water-borne epoxy acrylic resin;2-sulfobenzoic acid cyclic anhydride;Morphology of Pigment
出版社: 化學工程學系所
This research utilized a well know high performance blue pigment, Indanthrone, as a model compound. The water-soluble latent pigment (SBA-Indanthrone) was synthesized by stirring the parent pigment with two equivalents of 2-sulfobenzoic acid cyclic anhydride (SBA) in the presence of sodium hydride in N-Methy-2-pyrrolidine (NMP) solution at 80 ℃, which the solubility was 4 milli-gram of SBA-Indanthrone per 1gram of water. The characterization was performed by UV-vis, FT-IR spectra and 1H-NMR spectrum respectively in this work.
In addition, this study explores the effect of thermal treatment time and the amount of hydrochloric acid on the particle size and structure of regenerate Indanthrone pigments converted from the SBA-Indanthrone in water. FESEM results indicated that the morphology of the regenerated pigment converted from as-prepared stuff-dye at 130 ℃ of thermal treatment for 90 min in the water was cubic like, which the length is about 150 nm and the width is around 35 nm. Moreover, the morphology of the regenerated pigment converted from SBA-Indanthrone (0.01g) in the water (10ml) with 0.6ml of hydrochloric acid at 30℃ for 12 hours was flake like, which length is about 100 nm and width is about 65 nm.
Finally, the polymeric film composed of a water-borne cresol novolac epoxy acrylic resin (0.4g) and 0.16g of the water-soluble latent pigment in 4g of water was prepared by spin coating on the glass substrates. The pigmentation of the water-soluble latent pigment in polymer matrix was than carried out in oven at 130℃for 180 min. FESEM results reveal a homogeneous distribution of the regenerated pigment particles, which the diameter ranges from 20 to 40 nm, throughout the polymeric matrix. PR-705 Spectra Scan Spectroradiometer results also indicated that in the chromaticity coordinates (CIE 1931), the transmission of polymer film with the regenerated pigment from the SBA-Indanthrone was around 8 %, which is much better than 0.2% transmission of the parent pigment dispersed in the water-borne cresol novolac epoxy acrylic resin.

本研究使用高性能藍色顏料&;#33981;&;#37260;藍(Indanthrone)為研究對象,以2-磺基苯甲酸酐(SBA )為水溶性保護基,於NMP溶液系統下進行反應,將2-磺基苯甲酸酐接枝至&;#33981;&;#37260;藍,形成可水溶隱性化&;#33981;&;#37260;藍顏料 (SBA-Indanthrone),並藉由UV-vis、FT-IR以及1H-NMR進行改質結果特性鑑定,改質成功的可水溶隱性化顏料,對水溶解性為1克的純水能溶解4毫克之可水溶隱性化&;#33981;&;#37260;藍。
此外本研究以熱處理與酸催化進行可水溶隱性化&;#33981;&;#37260;藍之還原反應,並探討在不同環境下還原之&;#33981;&;#37260;藍顏料粒子大小及形貌,由場發射掃描式電子顯微鏡 (FESEM) 之結果指出,以130℃進行熱處理還原90分鐘其還原之顏料形貌為一長度約150nm、寬度約35nm之方型粒子,而將0.01克之可水溶隱性化&;#33981;&;#37260;藍溶於10毫升純水中,以0.6毫升鹽酸進行酸催化還原反應12小時,所得之還原&;#33981;&;#37260;藍顏料粒子形貌為一長約100nm、寬約65nm之片狀晶體。
將未經改質的&;#33981;&;#37260;藍分散於水溶性壓克力樹脂與經熱處理還原之&;#33981;&;#37260;藍壓克力樹脂薄膜,兩者以PR-705進行光學特性分析,若在相同的CIE 1931色度座標值時,其穿透率有明顯之差異,經熱處理還原之&;#33981;&;#37260;藍壓克力樹脂薄膜之穿透率為8.12 %比之&;#33981;&;#37260;藍直接分散於水溶性壓克力樹脂中的0.2%,其穿透率提升了將近8%。
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