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標題: VZN-100貨車之結構強度分析及其性能評估
The Structure Strength Analysis and Performance Evaluation for VZN-100 Truck
作者: Chen, Yun-Te
關鍵字: truck structure;貨車結構;PSD;ANSYS;PSD;ANSYS
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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在貨車運送貨物的過程中,車體結構的變化或路面不平所引起之振動皆會影響運送貨品的品質,因而分析車體的結構安全及振動的評估,為本研究之主旨。機械結構在傳統的分析上,通常是以靜態的負荷做為設計的考量。但在實際的機械結構中多半是承受動態的負荷狀況(Dynamic Loading)。本文主要是針對選定之貨車結構,運用電腦輔助工程分析軟體(ANSYS 7.0),先做靜態分析、模態分析了解結構的安全性;進一步再實際路測,利用Matlab軟體做該貨車之振動學分析,以得知垂直振動對車架的影響。車體靜態分析之結果,變形量小於8 mm,安全係數不大於3;而動態模擬,PSD所分析出之結果可知,越靠近輪胎處所受的能量越大,其所發生的頻率範圍在1Hz至2Hz之間。可藉由分析之結果,確保往後在運送特殊物品時能避開能量大的這些點。本文就貨車車斗進行路測分析時,所選取的路段皆為柏油路,並不能代表所有路況,往後可增加砂石路面,及泥土路面的測試,將會使此研究更趨完整。

In the process of cartage, the quality of the cargo will be influenced by both the vibration that caused by the rpugh road or the chassis structure varied; thus, the aim of this research is to analyze the security of chassis structure and its calculation. Mechanism in traditional analysis, usually take the static load as the design consideration. But in the real mechanism, it is mostly to withstand the Dynamic Loading. This article mainly aims at the structure of the selected freight vehicle, using the computer assistant engineering analysis software (ANSYS 7.0), first to make the static analysis and the modality in order to realize the security of structure; further real test it, make advantage of the software Matlab to do the analyzing of vibration in order to know the influence of vertical vibration to the frame of a car. The result of the car tactic analysis is that deformation less than 8mm, and the safety factor is not surpass in 3; from Dynamic Loading to the result of PSD analysis we can know that the energy is more when near the tire happened in the range from 1HZ to 2HZ. To ensure it is better to avoid the stronger energy points by means of the analysis result. This paper, as far as truck frame proceeding road test is concerned, all the selected road is blacktop, they cannot indicated of all the road condition, we may add the test of holy stone and dirt road hereafter then the research will be much more integral.
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