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標題: 水產養殖用氧氣錐溶氧效率之基礎研究
A Study on Oxygen Dissolution Efficiency of Oxygen Cone for Aquacultural System
作者: 江國權
Chiang, Kao-Chuan
關鍵字: water flow rate;水流量;oxygen cone;Dissolved Oxygen;氧氣錐;溶氧
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
率,其總輸氧係數達0.0261 1/min,然其溶氧量皆在6 mg/L以下,獲致水
殖密度為37.3kg/ton of water,氧氣錐在不同的純氧輸入壓力下,對於

In this research, the areation of an aquacultural tank using a
waterjet areator is first investigated. The testing results show
that underthe condition of the water jet flow rate 0.24m3/min
with watertemperature 28.7℃, the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) of the
aquaculturaltank can achieve the maximum rate of oxygen increase
with the overallcoefficient for oxygen transfer 0.0261 1/min.
However, a restriction of the water jet areator to increase the
DO content is occurred in thisstudy and the maximum value of DO
can be obtained only up to 6 mg/L. Therefore, the use of an
oxygen cone to dissolve oxygen into the wateris also studied.
The experimental results show that using the oxygen cone the DO
content can be raised to a super-saturated state. It is
veryimportant for the oxygen supply of an automatic
superintensive waterreuse cultural system.With the eel stocking
density 37.3kg/ton of water, there are noobvious effects for the
increasing rate of DO content of the waterin the aquacultural
tank as the pure oxygen inlet pressures varied. The water in the
aquacultural tank has the best dissolution efficiency of
increasing DO content when the inlet water flow rate is 0.3m3/
min (the water flow rate per unit volume of water in tank is
5.9×10-4CMM/m3)and the oxygen consuming rate per unit volume of
water in the tank is 10.62mg/m3.min. However, the water level
of the tank in the recirculationsystem is hard to control under
such high inlet water flow rate.The optimal condition with the
inlet water flow rate 0.225m3/min and the pure oxygen inlet
pressure 0.1kg/cm2, is obtained for the operationof the oxygen
cone. The model with the equation constructed by Newton'slaw of
cooling is also valid for this study either for the importing or
consuming process of oxygen transfer. It can be used to predict
thechange of DO content of water in the aquacultural tank during
theimporting and consuming process.
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