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標題: 手扶式半自動雙行蔬菜移植機之研製
The Development of a Semi-automatic Two-row Vegetable Seedling
作者: 田雲生
Tien, Yun-Sheng
關鍵字: transplanter;移植機;nursery seedling;vegetable;種苗;蔬菜
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
The purpose of this research is to develop a semi-automatic
two-row seedling transplanter for vegetablegrowers to
transplant nursery seedlings. This machineis driven by a 6 ps
/ 2000 rpm gasoline engine with atransmission box which
consist of 2 forward and 1reverse shifts. The row spacing is
fixed as 40 cm andthe planting distance is adjustable as 52、46
or 40 cm.Seven seedling trays could be carried each time.
Themechanism of automatic leveling scraper is attachedto
control planting depth automatically. When beingoperated in
the field, the transplanter follows theridge edges with front
wheels as an automatic guilder.The operator therefore, may
concentrate on droppingseedlings into the cups of roulette.
Seedlings aretransferred to the bill type dibblers and planted
intothe soil. One operator with one roulette for two-
rowtransplantation is the distinction of this machine.This
special feature makes the machine lower laborrequirement.
The field experimental results of cabbageseedling transplanting
showed the performance of thistransplanter as follows :the
miss-planted ratio is2.4%, over inclined 0.4%,damaged seedling
0%, plantingdepth 99.6% and true planting space 100% when
0.33m/sec forward speed. The field capacity of the machineis
about 0.11 ha/hr,which is 11 times of that by
labortransplanting. Comparing with the cost of labor trans-
planting, 62.9% of labor expense may be saved if
thistransplanter is employed.

植蔬菜穴盤苗之用。該機配置 6ps/2000rpm汽油引擎,具前進二速、後退
一速選擇;種植行距固定為40cm,株距則有52、46及40cm 三段調整;貯
步與省工。田間測試結果顯示:當行進速度0.33m/sec、株距46cm 進行甘
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