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標題: Biomechanical Experiment and Simulation Analysis in Upper Extremities for Backhand Stroke of Tennis
作者: 陳仁行
Chen, Ren-Sing
關鍵字: application of LifeMOD;LifeMOD應用;biomechanics;simulation of upper extremities;生物力學;上肢運動模擬
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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Playing tennis, most people often injured for not warming up enough or having an improper way to hit the ball. The common injured condition is muscle strain in elbow using backhand stroke. In order to find out some injuring factors, the objectives of this study were to simulate and analyze biomechanics of upper extremities for backhand stroke.
The study utilized commercially available software, ADAMS and LifeMOD, to build a human body model. The motion data of tennis's backhand stroke was recorded by high-speed video cameras, and was applied for the motion simulation.
Following the published methods, the joints' parameters were tested in the research. The results showed 105 and 104 for stiffness and damping, respectively, associated with weighted factor of 10 at wrist would result in better correlation of joints' movement as well as better moment. Thus, based on the factors found in the research, the simulation model would be able to represent the real action and would be applied for calculating moments at the joints.
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