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標題: 牙科手機內超高速轉子-軸承系統動態特性分析與實驗研究
Dynamic Analysis and Experimental Verification of Ultra- high-speed Rotor-bearing System for Dental Handpiece
作者: 陳俊宇
Chen, Chun-Yu
關鍵字: Dental Handpiece;牙科手機;Finite Element Method;Critical speed;有限元素法;臨界轉速
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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This study researches on the two types of dental handpiece provided by the medical manufacturer, and focus on analyzing their dynamic characteristics of internal rotor-bearing system. In the numerical analysis of rotor-bearing system, this paper uses the finite element method and takes the MATLAB design software as platform to complete the numerical analysis program for this rotor-bearing system. The system consists of elastic shaft, rigid disks and bearing which has damping and stiffness. During analyzing the shaft elements, the research will probe into the beam of Timoshenko. The model of the shaft element includes the effects of translation inertia, rotational inertia, gyroscopic moments, and shear deformations.
In order to confirm the reliability of the analysis program, firstly, we calculate the critical speed of rotor - bearing system by using the finite element model, and compare to the literatures. Then we obtain critical speeds of Rotor-Kit by using the finite element mode, and further analyze the rotor-bearing system in dental handpiece. We draw the Campbell diagram, mode shape and the critical speed versus bearing stiffness diagram and get a trend of dynamic characteristics of rotor-bearing system in experiments.
This finite-element analysis program on rotary-bearing system used in this department is verified in various scientific literatures and proven by many rotor tests. The error percentage is within one percent and it successfully illustrates the dynamic characteristics of the internal microscopic turbine rotor in the dental handpiece. Therefore, in designing this system the finite element method is very useful to precisely analyze the rotor in motion. The experimental data can be used as reference for future modification and refinement of the rotor-bearing system. And this finite-element analysis program can be used as a fundamental design tool for the system.

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