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標題: 利用步態分析探討側背背包對軀幹運動之影響
The effect of stripe bag on the trunk movements during level walking
作者: 盧欣妤
Lu, Hsin-Yu
關鍵字: trunk movements;軀幹運動;scoliosis;gait;simulate;脊椎側彎;步態;模擬
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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The necessary of school life in Taiwan junior and senior high school is the bag with one stripe. The stripe bag would lead to increase the trunk inclination and load bearing on shoulder, it would probability cause spine deformity and scoliosis.
We considered 11 age 20~23 years normal subjects (all males) and one 21 years old patient, they carried stripe bag on the right shoulder with 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% body weight to simulate the trunk movements. There were 23 markers on trunk and 8 markers on lower extremity during the gait experiment. We used Euler angle and angles defined by Frigo et al. (2003) to analyze the changes of angles of each segment on the sagittal, frontal and horizontal plane, and to find the tendency of the trunk movements during gait and the effect of the stripe bag.
The experiment results showed shoulder, pelvis and especially thoracic spine movements were limited by carrying stripe bag on the right shoulder, and the range of motion of trunk was increased for balance during gait. It also caused increase of trunk forward lean and trunk left inclination, and higher the right shoulder and lower the right side pelvis. And the conclusions of this study was that the weight of stripe bag should be lower than 5% body weight, and overload with stripe bag would cause spinal deformity, the humpback and thoracic scoliosis.

本研究以11位20~23歲的正常男性青年及1位21歲的特殊病例為本實驗的受試者,模擬單肩側背背包的軀幹運動,受試者以右肩側背身體重量之0%、5%、10%、15%的單背帶背包,共31顆反光球標記(軀幹23顆,下肢8顆)以進行步態實驗,利用尤拉角(Euler angle)與Frigo定義的角度來推導計算軀幹各肢段在三個人體解剖平面上的角度變化情形,觀察步態週期中軀幹的運動趨勢以及單肩側背背包影響人體軀幹運動的模式。
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