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標題: Measure for the Environmental Control System with Foggy-Cooling Facility for Layers
作者: 蔡佳純
關鍵字: Livestock House;蛋雞舍;Environmental Control;環境控制
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
為了改善蛋雞場之環境,本研究之目的是模擬雞舍在改變溫度、溼度、通風量等設定,探討其對雞舍環境所產生之影響,並使用Visual Basic軟體發展並建立電腦環控模擬程式,以找出最佳環控方式。
本研究主要結果如下:固定噴霧間隔時間為20分鐘,改變每分鐘之噴霧量,可知最佳之噴霧量為79 g;溫度由34.3 ℃降至29.6 ℃,是最佳降溫效果;數學模式推導結果,實際噴霧量可增加至79 g,或縮短噴霧間隔時間為10分鐘,所以推論結果合理。蛋雞性能表現如下:飼料率為0.45、死亡率為0.01,較一般農家之飼料率(0.41)、死亡率(0.03)良好,印證所施行之環境控制確實有效改善蛋雞場環境。

Automatic production of layer resulted in high density feeding and it is very important to have proper methods for environmental control. Since applying imported environmental control facilities is not considered local climates, computer model and experimental model will be conducted in this study according semi-tropical climate, building types, feeding scale, environmental control methods.
Experimental results will be used to develop the technology of environmental control methods for domestic producer and promote the competing ability of egg farmers.
There is open, semi-open of layer house. Applying different environmental methods to layer house is conducted in this study for improving the heat stress effect of layer and finding the actual prudential profitability of farmer.
Keywords: Livestock House, Environmental Control
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