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標題: 唐菖蒲種球休眠處理技術與生長模式之研究
Study on Dormancy Breaking and Growth Model for Gladiolus Corm
作者: 簡銘宏
Jean, Ming-Hong
關鍵字: Gladiolus Corm;唐菖蒲種球;Breaking dormancy;Growth model;打破休眠;生長模式
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系
術,包括休眠打破、吸吸率、ERH/EMC 及發芽率等,並進行種球生長
60~70%之間時,其ERH 值不論任何品種均在90%以上,為確保貯藏

This study was conducted to discover the treatment demands after
harvesting and grading for Gladiolus corms. The following key
techuiques, which were dormancy breaking, respiration rate, ERH/EMC,
and Germination rate, etc., were developed. This study did include the
study on growing rates and growth models of Gladioulus corms. The
values of ERH for fresh Gladioulus croms were greater than 0.9. If the
relative humidity in a storage room exceeded 90%, it would not only
induce the attacks of mold and bacteria on the flower corms but also
retard the germination of flower corms. Therefore, it was necessary to
lower the relative humidity to 70-80% in order to storage the corms
The experiments were executed to find out the effect of storage
period on breaking dormancy of flower bulbs of Gladiolus in 50C. The
non-linear regreesion technique was used to analyze the data. The related
mathematical model for dormancy breaking and germination rate was
established. The optimal technique was applied to compute the shortest
period for cold strage. The experimental results showed the longer cold
storage period is, the better germination homogeneity and time were. For
shortening the germination time and increasing the germination
homogeneity, the cold storage period had been extended.
In this study, the growth characteristics of Gladiolus with four
treatments were recorded. These data were analysis by non-linear
regression technique to establish growth models. These models were
tested and compared on the effect of treatments via F statistics. The
results indicated that three growth models of stem length and logarithm
leaf area were acceptable. The sizes of corm and plant depths did
significantly influence the growth characteristics of Gladiolus.
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