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標題: Study on Application of Forage Mixture Stirring System
作者: Chen, Tian-Wang
關鍵字: Ensilage;青貯;Mixture;Agriculture residual products;Plastic ba;混合攪拌;農副產物;太空包
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系
本研究所使用之農副產物有花生殼粉、毛豆、甘蔗渣及甜玉米苞葉,研究中亦建立出個別之相關物性,並設置完成混合攪拌雛型系統,以兩種芻料進行攪拌試驗,初步估計混合攪拌能量為6 ton/hr,並整合於牧草太空包青貯機生產流程。含水率調整試驗結果顯示青割玉米、毛豆混合含水率和甜玉米苞葉、毛豆混合含水率之混合計算值與混合完畢實測值兩者並無顯著差異(P>0.05),穩定了控制含水率與多樣性芻料混合青貯調製的目標,達到提供業者及農友降低生產成本的另一項選擇。

Most forage which dairy farm used in Taiwan depended on import. The high import price increased the costs of dairy products. It is important to lower the product cost by using domestic forage efficiently. Therefore, making silage to preserve domestic forage would enhance sufficiency and utilization. The single material of modified package of silage was often effected by lots of factors and to lead a bad quality. To solve this problem, this project developed a forage mixture stirring system and utilizing agriculture residual products to be a silage additive. Utilizing the physical and chemical characteristics of agriculture residual products would improve the silage condition, varibilities and stable quality.
The agriculture residual products used in this project were peanut hull powder, green soybean, sugar can pomace and sweet corn bract. Each related physical property was established in this project and a prototype of the mixture stirring system was developed as well. The capacity of mixture stirring system was estimated as 6 ton per hour using two kinds of forage stirring tests and integrated the process into the existing system, producing the plastic bag silage. The results of water content tests showed that the differences between calculated values and final mixed observations in the water content of forage corn and green soybean mixture, sweet corn bract and green soybean mixture were not significant (p>0.05). To control and modified varied forage mixture would reach the goal of stability and provide alternative choice to reduce cost for both industry and farmer.
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