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標題: 紅外線人體溫度計之量測不確定度
The Measurement Uncertainty of Infrared Clinical Thermometer
作者: 鍾文彬
Chung, Wenbin
關鍵字: 紅外線體溫計;IR thermometer;耳溫計;額溫計;放射率;準確性;標準化;ear thermometer;forehead thermometer;emissivity;accuracy;standardized
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系
Because of the safety, hygiene and efficiency, various kinds of non-contact IR thermometers were used to measure human body temperature. Ear thermometers and forehead thermometers are often to be used. The accuracy of IR thermometer was affected by the emissivity of the measuring site. Due to the variation of human's skin some factors, such as color, roughness and cleanness could affect the emissivity. The accuracy of forehead thermometer and the measurement of skin temperature are doubtful. The accuracy of thermometer, measuring environment, and operation process are the factors to influence the accuracy of measurement. Ear thermometer was a typical example. The scattering of errors are different between brands of thermometers. After calibrated, the scattering of errors become normal and the error range could be reduced. The calibration equations are different between brands. The calibration models are linear and polynomial equations, respectively. The effects of room temperature on the performance were also different.
The required accuracy for thermometer depends on the purpose of users. Therefore, the operating process and environment must be standardized.

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