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標題: 單軸擠壓機加工米榖粉物理特性之研究
Studies on Physical Properties of Single-Screw Rice Extrudates
作者: 春木
Mu, Tu Tsun
關鍵字: Single-Screw;單軸擠壓機 米榖粉 反應曲面法;Rice flour;Response surface methodology(RSM)
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
率,以及色澤變化等。 實驗結果顯
示: (1)含糖量增加時,產品含水率隨之提高,但含鹽量增加時,產品含
水率反而降低。 (2) 螺軸轉速560rpm,鹽含量1%;或套筒溫度在120 ℃
,鹽含量2%,其比容積最大。 (3) 套筒溫度及螺軸轉速愈高,膨發率愈
(4) 螺軸轉速在320rpm及添加2%的鹽,有最小白度值,最大色差值及最大

Rice flour was used to study the effects of process
variables on physical properties in single-screw
extrusionystem.The response surface methodology with rotable
design was introduced in this research.The process variables
were barrel temperature, screw speed , and additives, and
five levels were designed for each variable.The physcial
properties of extrudatesuch as moisture content, specific
volume,shear force ,expansion ratio and color changes were
investigated. Experimental results showed that: (1) The
moisture content of extrudates increased with increasing its
sugar content,but decreased with increasing its salt content.
(2) The specific volume of extrudates was maximum at
theonditions of screw speed at 560 rpm and 1% salt content ,or
120℃ barrel temperature and 2% salt content. (3) The expansion
ratio increased with increasing barrelemperature and screw
speed.The maximum expansion ratio occurred at 320 rpm screw
speed with both 3% sugar and 2% salt content. (4) The minimum
whiteness index and maximum color difference and b-value
occurred at 320 rpm screw speed and 2% salt content.
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