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標題: 秤重機負荷元之最佳化設計
Optimal Design of Load Cell of Weighing Machines
作者: 林峰緒
Lin, Feng-Hsu
關鍵字: Load Cell;負荷元;Finite Element Analysis;Optimal Design;有限元素法;最佳化設計
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系
A new design of load cell had been developed in this study. Load cell is the major part of weighing machines. The weighing machines are used in many areas, such as drying center, and grain husking factories. Accuracy is the first concern for weighing machines. In general, an ideal load cell should be lightweight, small size, and sensitive. However, every load cell is only accurate within some range. C-type and S-type load cells are used quite extensively. We propose to design a G-type load cell. It can measure in two phase depending on whether contact happens between two components or not. In the first phase, no contact between two components happens and the measurement can be treated as in light loading. In the second phase, contact between two components happens and the measurement can be treated as in heavy loading.
I-DEAS was used to analyze and design the G-type load cell. According to the result of FEM simulation, prototype of G-type load cells were made and tested. The strain of the G-type load cell under certain loads was measured and recorded. The relation between load and strain was calibrated to verify the result of FEM simulation and tested.
According to the result, for the load cell with the width of 20, 30, and 40 mm, the predicted models have been developed. The maximal relative errors are 2.97 %, 0.72 %, and 0.0 % during light loading as well as 8.49 %, 1.14 %, and 0.69 % during heavy loading. According to the results of Parameter Study, the model with cutting hole of a diameter of 7.0 mm in Part A and 4.0 mm in Part B has the best sensitivity. The mass of the model without steel cylinder is 0.253 kg. This model is the optimal design of the study.

本研究設計之G型負荷元,藉由應變規電壓信號可以估算負載的大小,經試驗量測後,三種寬度(20、30、40 ㎜)之負荷元在輕負荷部分,最大相對誤差分別為2.97 %、0.72 %、0.0 %,在重負荷部分,最大相對誤差分別為8.49 %、1.14 %、0.69 %。經Parameter Study,A部分挖孔直徑7 ㎜、B部分挖孔直徑4 ㎜時得到之靈敏度最好,負荷元質量不含頂柱為0.253 kg,為G型負荷元之最佳化設計。
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