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標題: Study on Gelling of Pidan by Non-Destructive Technique
作者: 陳昱全
Chen, Yu-Chuan
關鍵字: Pidan;皮蛋;Degeneration rate;Gelling;對數衰減;凝膠
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系
In general, the way to inspect the extent of Pidans' gelling is according to the feeling of small vibration while beating the Pidan by finger. However, due to long-term beating or other factors such as personal emotion, it is possible to misjudge the results. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to provide a scientific method to inspect Pidans' jelling. In according with this method, the automatic system for inspecting the quality of Pidan could be developed.
To imitate the human hands and fingers, a set of implement including one specific base and one soft plastic rod was designed. With this implement and through the DACTRON Photon Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer, the impulsive time responses were measured, and then the characteristics of Pidans could be determined. By taking the peaks from time response which starting at 50 ms after impact and using the function of Regression Analysis in EXCEL, there was a logarithm tendency line to tell the degeneration rate ( ). According to the farmer's experiences and the status after shelling, it showed that there was obvious vibration when the degeneration rate was over eighty, which meant that the gelling was incomplete. If the degeneration rate was lower eighty, the time response converged slower due to damping effects, which meant that the gelling was complete.

本試驗使用一特殊設計的承座與敲擊棒,使仿造人手及手指,經由DARCTRON頻譜分析儀直接量測敲擊棒的敲擊反應時域圖,即可比較出皮蛋之振動特性。利用EXECL軟體中迴歸分析之功能建立皮蛋激振50 ms後之時域響應信號之峰值的對數趨勢線以判斷其對數衰減之衰減率( )。依蛋農經驗判斷及實際去除蛋殼所觀察結果後顯示,衰減率在80以上為快速收斂,即表示未產生明顯振動,此蛋為凝膠不完整之皮蛋;若低於80則表示有振動的感覺,即受衝擊力之響應信號因阻尼效應之影響而收斂較慢,可判定此蛋為已凝膠之皮蛋。
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