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標題: 多功能溫室電動軌道車之研究
Study of a multi-functional electric rail-cart in greenhouse
作者: 張旭志
關鍵字: electrical rail-car;電動軌道車;FEM;bag culture;有限元素分析;介質袋耕
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系

Greenhouse cultivation has become popular and a more matured farming industry in order to both create higher economic benefits and farming environment. In order to grow as many plants as possible in limited farmland and lower the cost, greenhouse agriculturists are mainly cultivating climbing plants that grow perpendicularly such as cucurbitaceae and solanaceae. In the future, automation of the greenhouse will greatly improve its competitiveness and require less cost.
The objective of this study was to design a multi-functional rail-cart used in greenhouse having a working platform which could raise, lower and travel automatically. As the rail-cart could travel in between rows of plants automatically, the no-man operation could be virtually possible and farmers could easily operate carrying and harvesting functions. Additionally, the device would reduce the pesticide hazards for farmers as the indoor unmanned pesticide spraying would be available. Hopefully, this study would benefit greenhouse agriculturists and develop an advanced multi-functional apparatus used in greenhouse eventually.
Made of steel, the rail-cart's factor of safety was over 1.5 and the maximum carrying load was 250 kgs. Its specifications of parts have been analyzed by a commercially available software, ANSYS, and have been done under various loading tests to assure the operation safety. To make use of PLC as a mechanism of auto-control, this device would be able to accomplish the purpose of automation.
Considering the operating environment in greenhouse, this study is to make modes of operations become automatic and to advance the convenience.
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