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標題: 全自動蔬菜種苗移植機供苗機構之設計與研製
Development of an Automatic Feeding Mechanism for Vegetable Seedling Transplanter
作者: 劉家福
關鍵字: vegetable seeding;蔬菜種苗;transplanter;feeding mechanism;移植機;供苗機構
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
Under the governmental policy pursuant to automation of agricultural cultivation equipment, the technologies to achieve the automation of vegetable seedling have mature, and enter the phase of extensive application in Taiwan. The demand for the manufacturing an enhanced transplanting equipment system has grown in the agriculture industry.
The objective of this research project is to design and develop a feeding mechanism as an element of an automated transplanting seedling system. This continuous feeding mechanism is designed to automatically retrieve the seedlings from an elasticized tray with high flexibility; the tray is compatible to the system and has been widely used domestically. After the seedlings are retrieved, they are placed in the planting mechanism through a holding roulette. Development of a continuous, automated feeding mechanism greatly enhances the seedling feeding function of a vegetable transplanter. This research provides useful information regarding the integration of the continuous seedling retrieving mechanism and seedling feeding mechanism in an automatic vegetable transplanter system.
The results of the experiment indicate that the subject seedlings feeding mechanism achieves the continuous, automatic feeding function the successful efficiency is 97.2% at the seedling-retrieving rate of 34 plants per minute.

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