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標題: The in vitro study of Nicotiana benthamiana carbonic anhydrase involved in the replication of Bamboo mosaic virus
作者: 吳逸凡
Wu, Yi-Fan
關鍵字: 菸草;bamboo mosaic virus;碳酸酐酶;BaMV;Nicotiana benthamiana;carbonic anhydrase
出版社: 生物科技學研究所
引用: Chen Li-Hung, 2008. The possible functions of chloroplast phosphoglycerate kinase in the life cycle of bamboo mosaic virus infection. Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University. Chen, I.H., Chiu, M.H., Cheng, S.F., Hsu, Y.H., Tsai, C.H., 2013. The glutathione transferase of Nicotiana benthamiana NbGSTU4 plays a role in regulating the early replication of Bamboo mosaic virus. New Phytol 199, 749-757. Cheng, C.W., Hsiao, Y.Y., Wu, H.C., Chuang, C.M., Chen, J.S., Tsai, C.H., Hsu, Y.H., Wu, Y.C., Lee, C.C., Meng, M.S.A., 2009. Suppression of Bamboo Mosaic Virus Accumulation by a Putative Methyltransferase in Nicotiana benthamiana. Journal of virology 83, 5796-5805. Cheng, J.H., Ding, M.P., Hsu, Y.H., Tsai, C.H., 2001. The partial purified RNA-dependent RNA polymerases from bamboo mosaic potexvirus and potato virus X infected plants containing the template-dependent activities. Virus research 80, 41-52. 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Our lab is dedicated to studying host reactions against viral invasion, especially focusing on Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV), which has been characterized as a flexuous rod-shaped, single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus comprising about 6 thousand nucleotides. Previously, we found over 90 differentially expressed genes after the inoculation of BaMV using cDNA-amplified fragment polymorphism (cDNA-AFLP) technique. One of the fragments, ACAC10-1, was found to help the replication of BaMV since reducing the expression of this gene by virus-induced gene silencing has a driving force to decrease the accumulation of BaMV in inoculated leaves and protoplasts of Nicotiana benthamiana. This gene was cloned according to homologous sequence in N. tabacum and identified as a β-carbonic anhydrase localizing in the chloroplast while the translated product of this gene fragment shows 99% percent identity to the known protein in N. tabacum, and designated as N. benthamiana carbonic anhydrase (NbCA). The interrelationship between NbCA and BaMV was not clearly examined, which makes us curious in unveiling it. NbCA was successfully cloned and expressed in E. coli, and was purified from the soluble fraction of the bacteria after sonication using Ni2+ column. The purified NbCA was then used in an in vitro replication assay by adding to the replicase complex to examine if NbCA can enhance the minus-strand RNA synthesis. The results reveal that NbCA both enhance the plus- and minus-strand RNA synthesis at initiation phase, but not at elongation phase. We then constructed and purified a mutant NbCA, NbCA/C215S, to verify that whether the catalytic site on NbCA contributes to the enhancement of viral replication. The result surprisingly indicate that the catalytic site on CA only affect the initiation of plus-strand RNA synthesis, but not minus-strand RNA synthesis.

本實驗室致力於研究病毒與宿主間的交互作用,並以竹嵌紋病毒 (Bamboo mosaic virus , BaMV)為主力。BaMV為一彎曲絲狀,基因組約六千核苷酸之單一正股RNA病毒。在先前實驗中,我們利用cDNA amplified fragment length polymorphism找出了超過90個在BaMV感染下會有差異性表現的基因。我們發現其中一個名為ACAC10-1的片段在由virus induced gene silencing降低在菸草(Nicotiana benthamiana)中同源性序列的表現量後,在葉片或原生質體(protoplast)中BaMV的累積量有顯著性下降,因此推測此基因之產物很可能會幫助BaMV在菸草中複製。根據在大菸草(Nicotiana tabacum)中一個表現在葉綠體的β-碳酸酐酶(β-carbonic anhydrase)的相似序列,我們成功選殖到此基因的全長,此基因之產物有99%和我們比對到的蛋白序列相同,因此我們將其暫名為N. benthamiana carbonic anhydrase (NbCA)。由於NbCA和BaMV之間的交互作用尚不清楚,因此有待進一步研究。我們於是將NbCA選殖到E. coli中表現,並利用Ni管柱從破菌之後的上清液中純化。接著我們在往後的實驗中將此蛋白加入BaMV replicase complex中一起反應,以確認其是否影響到正股或負股RNA的合成。結果顯示,NbCA同時會影響病毒正股及負股的複製,且是影響在複製起始(initiation),而不會影響在延長作用(elongation)。我們於是又建構並純化了對活性位胺基酸有突變的NbCA/C215S來鑑定是否是此活性位幫助病毒複製,結果意外地顯示,NbCA的催化活性只會影響到病毒正股RNA合成的起始作用,而不會影響到負股RNA合成的起始作用
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