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標題: 十字花科黑腐病菌XpsL與XpsE蛋白之表現,純化及抗體分析
Expression,purification and antibody preparation of XpsL and XpsE proteins in Xanthomonas campestris.
作者: 蔡仁勇
Tsai, Z.U.
關鍵字: 黑腐病菌;XpsL蛋白;XpsE蛋白;Xanthomonas;XpsL protein;XpsE psotein
出版社: 農業生物科技學研究所
在十字花科黑腐病菌(Xanthomonas)中,XpsL 蛋白是被預測為一N端
只有Sandkvist在1995所提出關於霍亂弧菌(Vibrio cholerae)其 EpsL 與
EpsE 蛋白角色之研究,認為Eps蛋是藉由EpsL蛋白的交互作用而附著於胞
膜上執行其功能。本實驗在大腸桿菌中大量表現 XpsE與 XpsL的融合蛋白

XpsL ,a protein member of extracellular protein secretion
complex in Xanthomonas, is predicted to be a transplasmic
membrane protein with its N-terminus facing inward. In 1995,
Sandkvist have reported that EpsE, a cytoplasmic protein in
Vibrio cholerae, is associated with and stabilized by the
cytoplasmic membrane via interaction with EpsL. Furthermore,
such interaction between EpsE and EpsL is required for protein
translocation accross outer membrane. This report is first one
revealing the role of XpsL prvealing the role of XpsL protein in
the secretion complex. Nevertheless, the protein-protein
interaction between XpsL and XpsE have never been examined by
biochemical experiments. In this study, XpsL and XpsE fusion
protein are overexpressed in E. cloi. and electrophoresis
purified. Antibodies against XpsL and XpsE fusion proteins are
raised and characterized. Perplasmic, membrane and cytosolic
proteins of Xanthomonas are prepared by subcellular
fractionaction and analysed by western blot. The preliminary
results show that XpsL is mainly associated with membrane, and
XpsE is evenly distributed between membrane and cytoplasm.
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