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標題: 農村領導行為與農村建設成效之研究
A Study on the Effect of Leaders' Behavior on Rural Construction
作者: 黃靖茹
Huang, Ching-Ju
關鍵字: leaders' behavior;領導行為;rural construction effect;農村建設成效
出版社: 農村規劃研究所

Aim of this research is to discuss the rural leaders' leading behavior and to compare differences of the construction effect on different backgrounds and environmental factors which affect the rural leaders' behavior. In addition, the relationship between rural leaders' leading behavior and effect on rural construction is also discussed in this paper. Therefore, subject of this research is focused on the executive directors of the 921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Rural Settlement Reconstruction. The methodology employed in the study is by quantitative data analysis through SPSS software package which analyzes Frequency Distribution, Percentage, Means, also use t-test, one-way ANOVA , Scheffe Method as well as Pearson's Product-Moment Correlation .
Conclusions drawn from the study are as follows: Firstly, different as well as area of planning will affect the feelings of the rural leaders to consider the leader relationship-oriented behavior; Secondly, the difference of living experience will affect the rural leaders' feelings to the income resulting in the increase of whole economic effect; Thirdly, the rural construction effect (including environmental beauty, natural resource preservation and natural disaster prevention) will be affected with different planned areas by rural leaders; Fourthly, different task of the rural leadership will affect income, community identification, and community participation; Fifthly. the more rural leaders' relationship-oriented consciousness to the leadership is, the more effectiveness on reduction of production cost, community participation communions, beautiful, and preserving environment and natural disaster; Sixthly, the higher the rural leaders' task-oriented consciousness to the leadership is, the higher the consciousness to the rural construction effect becomes.
Recommendations of this research are as follows: Firstly. to elect the rural leaders who have the experience of move out and move back to the village ; Secondly, to carefully plan the area with a certain scale; Thirdly, pay attention to the rural leaders' assigned; Fourthly, to makes best use of rural leaders' leadership to increase positive effect on the rural construction.
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