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標題: 植物生長調節劑及光對黃精組織培養之研究
Effects of Plant growth regulators and light conditions on tissue culture of Polygonatum altelobatum Hay.
作者: 範福隆
Long, Pham Phu
關鍵字: 黃精;Polygonatum altelobatum Hay;組織培養;光條件;tissue culture;light condition;phosphinothricin
出版社: 農藝學系所
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黃精自古以來被認為是平日疲憊或病後體弱之藥食皆可的藥用作物,台灣黃精(Polygonatum altelobatum)日漸採集不易,人工栽培需求日殷,卻未見組織培養繁殖報導。本試驗目的為建立台灣黃精組織培養繁殖體系,供日後人工栽培需大量種苗繁殖之用。台灣黃精地下塊莖取自苗栗縣南庄鄉,利用修正的MS培養基進行無菌苗建立、葉片繁殖、地上部增殖與發根誘導等試驗。

大幅增加材料來源。培養基添加3-5 mg/l BA 與 20-40 mg/l
adenine sulfate 明顯提高葉片培養的芽體形成率與芽體數。
3.培養基添加0.1 mg/l PPT更明顯促進葉片基部膨大、芽體形成率
4.芽體培養於含0.1-0.2 mg/l GA,可促進芽體生長,此為誘導發根
6.發根培養基以添加15g/l蔗糖為佳,但若再添加0.5 mg/l GA,則
蔗糖需求上升至25 g/l 為佳,而且發根率與根部生長未受限制,


Huang-Jing, Polygonatum altelobatum Hay., a well known Chinese herbal medicine for thousands years. Papers on tissue culture of P. altelobatum are bare and quite limited. Our study emphasized on effects of plant growth regulators and light conditions on tissue culture of P. altelobatum. The results showed that for initial culture from different parts of mature plant, the optimum concentration of BA at 3.07 mg/l in modified MS medium was highest shoot formation when tuber segments used as explants, and that for young leaf segments was 0.5 mg/l BA. Adenine sulfate also was used in initial culture and the optimum concentration was at 24 mg/l for the highest shoot formation of explants derived from young-leaf explants, and that for tuber explants is at 19.4 mg/l. For shoot multiplication, swollen-base leaf was decreased from 36.7% to 13.3% when phosphinothricin (PPT) concentrations increased from 0 to 0.4 mg/l. The optimum concentration of PPT at 0.11 mg/l got the highest number of shoot in tissue culture, and 0.13 mg/l PPT was optimum concentration for highest axillary bud formation. For shoot growth, GA3 at 0.103 mg/l and 0.095 mg/l were optimum for highest number of shoot formed from bud and swollen-base leaf explants, respectively. Longest shoot occurred when buds and swollen-base leaf used as explants cultured in medium with GA3 at 0.12 mg/l. For root development, root growth response and number of root per explants were significantly increased when the doses of NAA increased regardless of under blue or red light. Optimum concentration of sucrose from 26.75 g/l to 30.5 g/l is highest effective for leaf development and plantlet grew under blue light. The sucrose at 30.31 g/l under red light is suited for the highest number of root in tissue culture of P. altelobatum. The optimum concentration of GA3 at 23.33 g/l to 24.93 g/l is suite for effective of leaf and root development of P altelobatum plantlet.
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