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dc.contributor.authorHo, Bo-Shainen_US
dc.description.abstract作物生長與發育受到遺傳與環境兩大因素的控制,人類常利用具有遺傳 特性的雜種作為農藝生產之用,但雜種是否對不良環境、甚至是逆境有較佳 的耐受性並不得而知?本試驗利用雜種高粱台中五號及其親本(80B及2R) 為材料,分為室內及田間二部份試驗。室內試驗在種子出土期、幼苗生長期 分別施予不同人工逆境處理;田間部份係以高粱植株,分別種植在春、秋二 個不同期作下,以探討雜種高粱台中五號,在不同期作下是否表現不同的適 應力。 1.雜種高粱台中五號在種子出土時期,遭受熱擊、缺水及鹽逆境處理下, 在出土率、平均出土日數、株高及乾重等性狀並未表現較佳的雜種優勢表現 值。只有在遭受冷擊及淹水處理時,在出土率的性狀表現出較佳雜種優勢的 表現,至於株高、單株乾重等性狀,並沒有較佳的表現。 2.雜種高粱台中五號於幼苗生長時期,在鹽逆境下,在株高及乾重的表現 上並未表現出較佳的雜種優勢表現值,反而有減退的現象;但於幼苗生長時 期遭受遮蔭處理時及營養供給不良下,在乾重的表現上表現出較佳雜種優勢 的表現。 3.雜種高粱台中五號於田間生殖生長時期,在較不良生長環境(春作) 下,於收穫時產量及產量構成要素上,都表現出較高雜種優勢的表現。 就整體而言,雜種高粱台中五號在種子出土時期及幼苗生長時期,對不 良環境並沒有較佳的雜種優勢的表現,而進入生殖生長時期對不良環境才有 較佳雜種優勢的表現。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractCrops growth and development are controlled mainly by genetic and environmental factors. In agriculture production, hybrid varie- ties are frequently used and developed for different environments. However, whether the hybrid variety can tolerate unfavorable en- vironments is a question. This experiment was designed to explore the adaptability of hybrid sorghum, Taichung 5, and its parental lines (80B and 2R) to unfavorable environments. The sorghum plants were treated to various stresses at the seedling emergence and the early vegetative stage in greenhouse, respectively. Another were conducted at fall and spring crop season for studying on different environment-adaptation of hybrid sogrhum, Taichung 5. The results are summarized as foolowings: 1.The hybrid sorghum had no better hybrid vigor than its parental lines under the heat shock, drought and salt stress at the seedling emergence stage based on the measurements of emergence percentage, plant height and plant dry weight. But the hybrid sorghum had better adaptability than its parental lines under cold shock and flooding at this stage based on measurement emergence percentage. 2.The hybrid sorghum could not adapt salt stress at the early ve- getative stage. But it had better hybrid vigor than its parental lines under shading and nutrient deficiency. This is based on me- asurement plant height and plant dry weight. 3.The reproductive growth of hybrid sorghum did better during the unfavorable crop season (spring crops)than its parental lines. This is based on the yield and yield components data. As a whole, the hybrid sorghum seemed haven''t better hybrid vigor in the unfavorable environments than its parental lines at the seedling emergence or early vegetative stage. However, it did better vigor than its parent lines in the reproductive stage under two cropping seasons.en_US
dc.subjecthybrid vigoren_US
dc.titleResponse of Hybrid Vigor of Taichung 5 Subjected Differental-stressesen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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