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標題: 蕨叢植株剋它物質之研究
Studies on the allelochemicals of bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn)
作者: 陳柏蓁
Chen, Bo-Jen
關鍵字: bracken fern;蕨;allelochemical;mitotic index;剋它物質;有絲分裂指數
出版社: 農藝學系所
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在花蓮太魯閣山區進行林木復育時,因植物蕨(bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn)入侵使林木幼苗無法生長。本研究在夏季與冬季蕨類生長區域與非蕨生長區的草相調查中,發現蕨生長區之雜草種類與覆蓋率皆少於非蕨生長區,推測蕨具剋它作用。本研究使用多種蔬菜種子及幼苗作為生物檢定(bioassay)材料,建立生物檢定系統測試蕨植物體各部份水萃液是否具有剋它效果,包含蕨地上部、地下莖、土壤表層枯落葉與其下方土壤。結果發現,蕨地上部與地下莖水萃取液,對於生物檢定材料之種子發芽與胚根伸長的抑制效果最明顯,尤其是地上部水萃液。可知蕨植株的水萃液,應含有剋它物質而影響其他植物生長。
將蕨地上部水萃液經C18 SPE管柱,並利用HPLC系統分離,得到純化之ptaquiloside (PT)與相關化合物,以液相層析串聯式質譜儀與超導核磁共振儀確認其結構。為了瞭解蕨產生剋它作用的原因,接著利用生物檢定材料-白蘿蔔根尖細胞,觀察水萃液中剋它物質如何影響細胞有絲分裂。試驗結果發現PT並非蕨葉水萃液中抑制細胞有絲分裂之成分,推測蕨水萃液中含有其他剋它物質,會抑制植物根尖細胞的有絲分裂。

Due to the invasion of bracken (bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn) into the Taroko national park, forest recovery is difficult to proceed. In summer and winter, field investigation found that the coverage and species of weeds in the bracken-grown area were decreased, revealing the allelopathy phenomenon. Base on the bioassay system using several vegetables as materials, the allelopathic effect of water extract collected from different parts of fern plant was confirmed. It was obrious that the maximal allelopathic effect existed in water extract from fern frond and rhizome, as compared with existed litter and soil. After C18 SPE extraction procedure and subsequent separation of HPLC system, purified ptaquiloside (PT) and related componds were further confirmed by LC-MS/MS (liquid chomatography -tandem mass spectrometry) and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technique. For the allelopathic mechanism of water extract, mitosis retadation of radish root-tip cell was observed after treatment of water extract of fern frond, whereas the purified PT failed to affect cell mitosis, thus it is suggested that some unknown compounds in water extract might be an effective integradient responsible for allelopathic effect through retardation of all mitosis.
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