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標題: 利用形態特徵和ISSR分子標誌鑑別臺灣細本葡萄(Vitis thunbergii Sieb.& Zucc.)收集品系
Identification of Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc. accessions in Taiwan by morphological traits and inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers
作者: 陳似任
Chen, Sz-Ren
關鍵字: Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc.;細本葡萄;variety identity;morphological trait;ISSR marker;品種鑑定;形態特徵;ISSR分子標誌
出版社: 農藝學系所
本試驗以細本葡萄(Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc.)種原為材料,探討種原之形態性狀及ISSR分子標誌之變異,建立品種鑑定及種原評估之基礎遺傳資訊。細本葡萄之嫩梢、新梢、幼葉及成熟葉等部位之19個形態特徵在收集品系間呈現極大的變異。由主成分分析結果顯示,第一主成分主要可解釋種原葉端裂刻深度之變異;第二主成分則主要可解釋葉面積和葉長寬比之變異;由前二主成分構成之二維散佈圖,發現所有收集品系可分為四個主要集群,以葉端裂刻深度極深、葉面積較大且葉形較長之收集品系數目最少,需加強蒐集以擴大種原變異。由主成分分析結果所選出之9個核心形態特徵,包含嫩梢之頂芽色度,新梢之節間長度,幼葉之上表皮色度,成熟葉之葉形、裂葉數、上裂刻深度、葉面積、葉長寬比及葉端裂刻深度等,可區別87個收集品系。經篩選100條ISSR引子,獲得8條信號較強且表現穩定之ISSR引子,可產生129個多型性之分子標誌;以其中4個解析力最高的引子所擴增的19個核心分子標誌,可建立細本葡萄種原之DNA指紋圖譜。核心分子標誌對於新增的20個收集品系和兩個無性繁殖家系亦有鑑別能力。本研究所建立之品種鑑定方法、性狀調查項目及對照品系之參考圖,可作為今後細本葡萄品種鑑定之依據。

The variations of morphological traits and ISSR markers of Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc. germplasm were investigated and analyzed to establish the basic genetic information for variety identification and evaluation in this thesis. Significant variations of morphological trait in young shoot, shoot, young leaf, and mature leaf were found among collected lines. Principle component analysis showed that the depth of leaf tip sinus, leaf area, and leaf length/width ratio were important traits in germplasm evaluation. The dengrogram of principle component analysis revealed four major groups. According to the principle component analysis, the high depth of leaf tip sinus, longer leaf, and larger leaf area are rare traits in germplasm. To reduce the descriptors of Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc., anthocyanin colouration of young shoot tip, length of shoot internode, color of upper surface of young leaf, mature leaf shape, number of mature leaf lobes, depth of upper lateral sinus, mature leaf area, mature leaf length/width, mature leaf petiole/midrib, and depth of leaf tip sinus were selected traits by principle component analysis, and all the 87 Vitis accessions can be differentiated by cluster analysis. This investigation provides a detailed variety description for Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc. grown in Taiwan. Eight ISSR primers selected from 9 sets of UBC primers were sufficient to distinguish 45 Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc. and one Vitis kelungensis accessions by cluster analysis. Four high resolution primers were screened from eight ISSR primers to obtain 19 core molecular markers to establish the DNA fingerprinting for Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc. germplasm. Twenty new accessions and two clone families were tested and could be identified by using the core markers. In this study, variety identification system, trait investigation and reference pictures have been established for germplasm identification and evaluation in Vitis thunbergii Sieb. & Zucc.
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