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標題: 台灣樹豆種原農藝性狀變異及利用RAPD鑑別與遺傳相似性之研究
Studies on the character variation and genetic similarity among Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. in Taiwan based on RAPD markers.
作者: 蔡清榮
Tsai, Ching-Jung
關鍵字: pigeon pea;樹豆;genetic variation;chemical component;RAPD;遺傳變異;化學組成分;逢機增值片段多型性
出版社: 農藝學系

In this thsis, is to study the agronomic characters, 4 chemical components analysis and Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. Collected from 9 counties through RAPD method, the results are summarized as follows:
1.To identify, 12 agronomic characters in 53 accessions, we found the main difference between 53 accessions was leafbt size, pod size, pod thickness , seed size and weight of hundred-grain, and revealed significantly positive (negative) correction one another. According to the PCA analysis, it revealed that the diversity of germplasm was caused by the traits of pod size, pod thickness, seed thickness, seed size, main stem color, leaflet size. seed coat color, pod shape and seed number, and there are three cluster had been classified using the cluster analysis.
2.To investigate the content of 4 chemical components of 53 accessions revealed the percentage of 24.9%, 0.87, 0.492%, and 1.3% in protein, ash, carbohydrate and protein content revealed significantly negative correlation with the carbohydrate content.
3.In the primary RAPD analysis, we obtained 46 polymorphic bands from 60 bands in total with 9 valid primers (about 76.7% polymorphism ratio).
By estimating the genetic distance, we found there are some genetic diversity among the 53 accessions.
Compare the results of RAPD analysis is some as similar as the cluster analysis of agronomic traits.
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