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標題: GA3對矮性水稻近同源系統節間及其他農藝性狀之影響
Effects of GA3 Application on the Length of Internodes and Related Agronomic Characters of the Rice Variety Shiokari and Its Dwarf Near-Isogenic Lines
作者: 柯金存
Ke, Jin-Tswen
關鍵字: 矬性水稻;三葉苗期
出版社: 農藝學研究所
1. d-35t、d-18h二個CAs合成缺失型品系及Shiokari於三個處理時期以高濃度CA3處理會延遲抽穗、增加分藥高度,而且以幼穗分化期處理效果顯著,除了d-345 外,其他品系分蘗數在濃度間均無明顯的差異。穗長則除d-18h 品系隨濃度增加而增長外,其他品系則多有縮短的趨勢。
2.於三葉苗期及幼穗分化期處理CA3, d-35t、d-18h二個CAs合成缺失型品系及Shiokari的主稈長處理濃度增加而增長。於抽穗期任何濃度CA3處理對所有品系主稈長及各節間的伸長,均無促進作用。d-6、d-345及d-1等三個品系於三葉苗期或幼穗分化期施予高濃度GA3,雖可促進中、下節位節間伸長,但對上部節間卻有抑制作用,以致主稈長在處理濃度間及處理時期間均無明顯的差異。
4.將Shiokari及其21個矮性近同源系統由三葉苗期開始施予10ppmCA3連續處理,結果顯示多數品系可延遲抽穗、抑制分蘗及增加主莖高度,孕穗期處理則否;其中以d-35t、d-18t等品系的主莖增高及d-345、d-7、d-10、d-14、d-27及d-17t 等多分藥品系統的分藥數減少尤為顯著。就主稈長對CA3之反應而言,d-1、d-2、d-6、d-11、d-12、d-19、d-42t、d-51及d-52等九個品系較不敏感。

The variety Shiokari and twenty one dwarf nearisogenic lines derived from this variety were treated with CA3 of various concentrations during certain growth stages to investigate the response of different dwarf genes to CA3 application, Result are summarized as follows:
1. When CA3 applied at the third-leaf stage or the panicle initiation stage, the main stem length increased as the treatment concentration of CA3 increased in the two GA-deficient lines, d-35t and d-18h, and the variety Shiokari. 0ver the range of treatment concentration, a single application of CA3 at heading stage had no detectable effect on th2 lengths of main stem and internodes of all the near-isogenic lines tested. For the three CA3-insensitive lines, i.e., d-1, d-6 and d-345, a highdosage of CA3 applied at the third-leaf stage or at panicle initation stage could enhance the elongation of their internodes at the middle and lower parts, but inhibit the elongation of the upper internodes. Therefore the length of their their main stem showed no abvious difference across the treatment concentratoins of CA3 and the time of application.
2. For the two GA-deficient lines, d-35t and d-18h the variety Shiokari, application of high dosage of GA3 would delay their heading date and increase their tiller number. The effect sseemed most significant when GA3 was applied at panicle initiation stage.For all the test lines but d-345, no obvious difference was observed in the tiller number over the range of treatment concentration of GA3. Treat-ment of CA3 of higher concentration gave shorter panicle length, with an exception that the panicle length of d-18h increased as the treatment concentration of CA3 increased.
3.For all the dwarf lines tested. a single treatment of CA3 applied at the third-leaf stage would promote the elongation of the lower internodes, while treatment applied at panicle initiation stage had a effect to induce the elongation of the middle internodes. The CA3 treatments applied at the third-leaf stage, at panicle initiation stage and at heading stage worked additively in increasing the height of main stem of all but the three GA3-insensitive dwarf lines d-1, d-6 and d-345
4.For most of the near-isogenic lines tested, continual application of 10ppm CA3 from the thirdleaf seedling stage to heading stage would delay heading date, reduce tiller number and inccrease the height of main stem. No similar effect was observed when CA3 was applied during the booting stage. The increase in the length of main stem was significant in the dwarf lines d-18h ,d-18k and d-35t , while the increase in tiller number was significatnt in the dwarf lines d-7, d-10, d-14, d-27 and, d-345 The elongation of main stem showed more insensitive to CA3 in the dwarf lines d-1, d-2, d-6, d-11, d-12, d-19, d-42t, d-51 and d-52.
5. Applied with CA3. only five of the 21 nearisogenic lines, i.e., d-12, d-15, d-18h, d-35t and sd-1, 1 grew to have a plant height as the variety Shiokari. No similar response was observed on all the other dwaft near-isogenic lines.
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