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標題: 老化對萌爆苦瓜種子抗氧化代謝反應之影響
Effects of Aging on Antioxidation of Primed Bitter Gourd Seeds
作者: 葉永銘
Yeh, Yung Ming
關鍵字: seed;種子;priming;storability;aging;antioxidation;萌爆;耐貯性;老化;抗氧化反應
出版社: 農藝學系
種子萌爆技術可以明顯改善種子發芽弱勢的問題。但萌爆後種子要能夠在貯藏一段時間而能維持其品質,才符合其商品的價值。本研究以不同老化處理觀察經萌爆處理苦瓜種子耐貯性,並檢測一些種子內生理生化反應,結果發現不論人工老化或自然老化均會導致種子抗氧化物質下降,但在變化幅度趨勢上仍有所差異;老化處理所導致種子內如SOD、CAT、GPX、GR等抗氧化酵素活性及glutathione、ascorbate抗氧化物含量同樣也有顯著改變;電泳分析比對顯示同功異構酶Cu/Zn SOD與CAT表現型因人工老化處理而明顯減少,蛋白質雙向電泳圖譜也顯示有明顯差異。老化後種子總抗氧化能力大幅下降,MDA和總過氧化物增加,使種子活力衰退。將萌爆處理後之種子以不同包裝方式經9個月的貯存,結果發現以近真空包裝之種子仍有相當高的活力,但氣密包裝下貯存仍然造成種子活性急遽衰退之現象,顯示以近真空包裝方式可有效減緩長期貯存下酵素及非酵素抗氧化系統功能的喪失,從而維持種子之活力。

The poor seed germination can be improved by priming. However, priming is economically adoptable only if the primed seeds can be safely stored for a longer period. The present study was designed to evaluate the storability of primed bitter gourd seeds. Several physiological and biochemical characteristics within primed seeds were also investigated. The results indicated that both accelerated aging and natural aging decreased the levels of antioxidant in treated seeds, however, the extents of changes varied among the aging treatments. Aging also reduced the activities of SOD, CAT, GPX and GR, and decreased the levels of GSH and ASC. SDS-PAGE analysis showed the different expression patterns in Cu/Zn SOD and CAT isoforms on the artificially aged seeds. Significant differences in soluble proteins were also observed on two-dimensional electrophoresis. Aging decreased total antioxidation ability, increased MDA and total peroxides, and reduced seed vigor. Partial vacuum- packing the primed seeds could maintain their viability and vigor for up to 9 months. However, rapid deterioration was observed on primed seeds stored under hermetic condition. It appeared that partial vacuum packing was an effective technique to slow down the deteriorative changes in antioxidation systems of primed seeds and subsequently maintain their vigor and viability.
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