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dc.contributor.authorLin, Huan-Zhien_US
dc.identifier.citation林倩宇。2013。利用玉米B-10L易位染色體進行B染色體斷裂點及CL-repeat之相互定位。碩士論文。台中:國立中興大學農藝學系研究所。 張國琥。2013。玉米B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP 標誌之篩選與分析。碩士論文。台中:國立中興大學農藝學系研究所。 Alfenito M.R. and J.A. Birchler. 1993. Molecular characterization of a maize B chromosome centric sequence. Genetics 135:589-597. Ayonoadu U.W. and H. Rees. 1968. The influence of B-chromosomes on chiasma frequencies in Black Mexican sweet corn. Genetica 39:75-81. Birchler J.A., N.C. Riddle, D.L. Auger, and R.A. Veitia. 2005. Dosage balance in gene regulation: biological implications. TRENDS in Genetics 21:219-226. Banaei-Moghaddam A. M., V. Schubert, K. Kumke, O. Weib, S. Klemme, K. Nagaki, J. Macas, M. Gonzalez-Sanchez, V. Heredia, D. Gomez-Revilla, M. Gonzalez-Garcia, J. M. Vega, M. J. Puertas, and A. Houben. 2012. Nondisjunction in favor of a chromosome: the mechanism of rye B chromosome drive during pollen mitosis. Plant Cell 24:4124-4134. Carchilan M, M. Delgado, T. Ribeiro, P. Costa-Nunes, A. Caperta, and L. 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dc.description.abstract為了瞭解玉米B染色體的轉錄能力,本研究以cDNA-AFLP(complementary DNA amplified fragment length polymorphism)技術進行B染色體轉錄體的研究。利用帶與不帶B染色體的5個不同自交系,進行cDNA-AFLP分析,總共在28組引子組合中擴增到1,230個明顯的條帶,其中15個條帶(1.22%)至少在2個自交系中具有B染色體專一性,顯示B染色體具有微弱的轉錄能力。接著,選殖6個至少在4個自交系中具有B染色體專一性的cDNA-AFLP標誌,並進行南方雜合(Southern hybridization)與螢光原位雜合(fluorescence in situ hybridization)分析,發現與A染色體上的序列具有高相似度,但在B染色體上具有額外的拷貝數。進一步以RT-PCR(reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction)分析證明4個標誌具有轉錄活性,且具多腺苷酸的尾端(polyadenylated tail),其中2個B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌B3547-179與B3849-212是B染色體專一性轉錄子且其表現量具有B染色體劑量補償現象(B-dosage compensation)。最後,將此6個標誌轉換成SCAR(sequence characterized amplified region)標誌,並利用4個B-10L易位染色體進行實體定位,將具有B染色體專一性的B4049-180gs SCAR標誌定位在DH2與DH3區域,而具B染色體劑量效應的B3849-212gs SCAR標誌定位在短臂至近端常染色質區間。另外,分別選殖DH2與DH3區域的B4049-180gs序列進行分析,顯示DH2區域具有較大的序列變異,支持B染色體由DH2區域演化出DH3區域的演化模式。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn this research, the cDNA-AFLP (complementary DNA amplified fragment length polymorphism) protocol was applied to the transcriptome of maize B chromosome for understanding the transcriptional activity of the B chromosome. A total of 1,230 clearly visible bands were amplified from 28 cDNA-AFLP primer sets by using five maize inbred lines with and without the B chromosome. Fifteen bands (1.22%) of which were shown the B-specificity in at least two inbred lines, suggesting the presence of weakly transcriptional activity of the B chromosome. Subsequently, six B-specific cDNA-AFLP markers with the B-specificity in at least four inbred lines were cloned, and analyzed by Southern hybridization and fluorescence in situ hybridization. These markers showed highly homology with sequences of A chromosomes, but had additional copies on the B chromosome. Only four markers were proven to have the transcriptional activity by RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction), and two of which were B-specific transcripts and reeked of the B-dosage compensation. Finally, the six B-specific cDNA-AFLP markers were transferred to SCAR (sequence characterized amplified region) markers and used to physically map their positions by four B-10L translocations. The B-specific SCAR marker, B4049-180gs was mapped on DH2 and DH3 regions, and the B-dosage SCAR marker, B3849-212gs was mapped between the short arm and the PE regions of the B chromosome. Furthermore, analysis of B4049-180gs sequences, cloned from DH2 and DH3 separately, exhibited that sequences from the DH2 had more variations, supporting the B evolution model in which the DH2 gave rise to the DH3.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents中文摘要 i Abstract ii 目次 iii 表目次 v 圖目次 vi 前言 1 前人研究 2 一、 B染色體與玉米B染色體概論 2 二、 玉米B染色體序列與選殖 3 三、 玉米B染色體的演化 8 四、 B染色體轉錄活性的研究 11 五、 玉米B染色體的遺傳特性 14 材料與方法 19 一、 玉米B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌篩選 19 二、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌選殖與序列分析 26 三、 南方雜合(Southern hybridization)分析 28 四、 螢光原位雜合分析(Fluorescent in situ hybridization, FISH) 32 五、 反轉錄聚合酶連鎖反應(reverse transcription PCR, RT-PCR)分析 34 六、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌轉換SCAR標誌並進行實體定位 36 七、 不同DH區域B4049-180gs序列選殖與分析 38 結果 40 一、 玉米B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌篩選與分析 40 二、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌南方雜合分析 41 三、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌螢光原位雜合分析 43 四、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌RT-PCR分析 43 五、 B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌SCAR標誌轉換與實體定位 44 六、 以SCAR標誌B4049-180gs探討玉米B染色體DH區域演化 46 討論 48 一、 玉米B染色體具微弱的轉錄表現 48 二、 玉米B染色體專一性轉錄序列的產生 49 三、 玉米B染色體影響A染色體的轉錄活性 50 四、 玉米B染色體專一性轉錄序列的劑量效應 50 五、 玉米A染色體可能影響或調控B染色體轉錄活性 51 六、 研究B染色體自身調控其轉錄子的策略 52 七、 玉米B染色體專一性轉錄序列的功能探討 52 八、 玉米B染色體專一性轉錄序列SCAR標誌轉換、定位及困難 54 九、 玉米B染色體異染色質區域的演化 55 參考文獻 56zh_TW
dc.subjectZea mays.en_US
dc.subjectB chromosomeen_US
dc.titleIsolation of B chromosome transcripts by using cDNA-AFLP analysis in five maize inbred backgroundsen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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