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標題: 玉米B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌之篩選與分析
Isolation and Analysis of B-chromosome Specific cDNA-AFLP Markers in Maize
作者: 張國琥
Chang, Stephen Kuo-Hu
關鍵字: B染色體;B chromosome;B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌;B-chromosome Specific cDNA-AFLP Marker;cDNA-AFLP
出版社: 農藝學系所
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本研究以不帶與帶B染色體的玉米自交系L289、W23及TB-10L38易位染色體自交系,分別進行cDNA-AFLP分析篩選B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌。由不帶B與帶B染色體的L289自交系篩選到44個B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌,最後成功選殖到39個標誌。另外以不帶與帶B染色體W23自交系與TB-10L38易位染色體篩選到8個B染色體專一性cDNA-AFLP標誌,成功選殖其中6個標誌進行序列比對分析。序列比對結果顯示45個cDNA-AFLP標誌中有4個與B染色體相關序列相似,28個比對到玉米各種不同的基因、mRNA或BAC clone序列,另外13個未比對到任何已發表的序列。南方氏雜合分析結果指出這45個標誌中有10個具有B專一性或劑量效應的訊號,20個在不帶與帶B的基因體組DNA中皆產生相同的訊號,15個則未產生任何訊號。因此挑選2個具B染色體相關序列、3個具有B專一性或劑量效應訊號及3個隨機挑選共8個標誌設計引子進行RT-PCR與SCAR-PCR分析。RT-PCR結果顯示其中4個標誌設計的引子成功在不帶與帶B的RNA中增幅到目標條帶,指出這4個標誌序列具有轉錄活性。SCAR-PCR則顯示這4個標誌在不帶與帶B的基因體組DNA中皆被增幅出來,指出它們存在於基因體組DNA中且具有表現能力。

In the present research, maize inbred lines (L289 and W23) with and without B chromosomes, and the TB-10L38 translocation inbred line were used to isolate B-chromosome specific cDNA-AFLP markers by using cDNA-AFLP analysis. A total of 44 B-chromosome specific cDNA-AFLP markers were isolated from L289 inbred lines with and without B chromosomes, and 39 of which were cloned successfully. By using W23 inbred lines with and without B chromosomes and the TB-10L38 translocation, 8 B-chromosome specific cDNA-AFLP markers were isolated, and then 6 of which were cloned and sequenced. Sequence analysis showed that 4 out of 45 cDNA-AFLP markers had homology with B-chromosome related sequence, 28 markers had homology with sequence of different gene, mRNA, or BAC clone sequences in maize, and 13 markers showed no homology with any published sequence. Southern hybridization analysis indicated that 10 markers showed B-specificity or dosage effect signals, 20 markers had identical signals in both genomic DNA with and without B chromosomes and the remaining 15 markers showed no signal. Therefore, sequences of 2 markers with B-chromosome related sequence, 3 markers with B-specificity or dosage effect signals, and 3 markers randomly chosen were used to design primers for RT-PCR and SCAR-PCR analysis. Results of RT-PCR showed that 4 markers could be amplified from RNA of L289 with and without B chromosomes indicated that these markers had transcriptional activity. SCAR-PCR results showed that these 4 markers could be amplified from DNAs of L289 with and without B chromosomes, indicating these 4 markers were existed in genomic DNA and had the ability for expression.
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