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標題: Hsp90 Interacts Specifically with Viral RNA and Differentially Regulates Replication Initiation of Bamboo mosaic virus and Associated Satellite RNA
作者: Huang, Ying Wen
Hu, Chung Chi
Liou, Ming Ru
Chang, Ban Yang
Tsai, Ching Hsiu
Meng, Menghsiao
Lin, Na Sheng
Hsu, Yau Heiu
Project: plos pathogens, Volume 8, Issue 5
Host factors play crucial roles in the replication of plus-strand RNA viruses. In this report, a heat shock protein 90 homologue
of Nicotiana benthamiana, NbHsp90, was identified in association with partially purified replicase complexes from BaMVinfected
tissue, and shown to specifically interact with the 39 untranslated region (39 UTR) of BaMV genomic RNA, but not
with the 39 UTR of BaMV-associated satellite RNA (satBaMV RNA) or that of genomic RNA of other viruses, such as Potato
virus X (PVX) or Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). Mutational analyses revealed that the interaction occurs between the middle
domain of NbHsp90 and domain E of the BaMV 39 UTR. The knockdown or inhibition of NbHsp90 suppressed BaMV
infectivity, but not that of satBaMV RNA, PVX, or CMV in N. benthamiana. Time-course analysis further revealed that the
inhibitory effect of 17-AAG is significant only during the immediate early stages of BaMV replication. Moreover, yeast twohybrid
and GST pull-down assays demonstrated the existence of an interaction between NbHsp90 and the BaMV RNAdependent
RNA polymerase. These results reveal a novel role for NbHsp90 in the selective enhancement of BaMV
replication, most likely through direct interaction with the 39 UTR of BaMV RNA during the initiation of BaMV RNA
DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002726
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