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標題: Ciliogenic RFX Transcription Factors Regulate FGF1 Gene Promoter
作者: Hsu, Yi-Chao
Kao, Chien-Yu
Chung, Yu-Fen
Chen, Mei-Shu
Chiu, Ing-Ming
Project: Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, Volume 113, page(s) 2511–2522.
Fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF1) has been shown to regulate cell proliferation, cell division, and neurogenesis. Human FGF1 gene 1B
promoter ( 540 to �31)-driven green fluorescence (F1BGFP) was shown to recapitulate endogenous FGF1 gene expression. It can also be
used to isolate neural stem/progenitor cells (NSPCs) and glioblastoma stem cells (GBM-SCs) from developing mouse brains and human
glioblastoma tissues, respectively. However, the regulatory mechanisms of FGF-1B promoter and F1BGFP(�) cells are not clear. In this study,
we present several lines of evidence to show the roles of ciliogenic RFX transcription factors in the regulation of FGF-1B gene promoter and
F1BGFP(�) cells: (i) RFX1, RFX2, and RFX3 transcription factors could directly bind the 18-bp cis-element ( 484 to 467), and contribute to
the regulation of FGF1 promoter and neurosphere formation. (ii) We demonstrated RFX2/RFX3 complex could only be detected in the nuclear
extract of FGF-1B positive cells, but not in FGF-1B negative cells. (iii) Protein kinase Cinhibitors, staurosporine and rottlerin, could decrease the
percentage of F1BGFP(�) cells and their neurosphere formation efficiency through reducing the RFX2/3 complex. (iv) RNA interference
knockdown of RFX2 could significantly reduce the percentage of F1BGFP(�) cells and their neurosphere formation efficiency whereas
overexpression ofRFX2resulted in the opposite effects. Taken together, this study suggests ciliogenicRFXtranscription factors regulateFGF-1B
promoter activity and the maintenance of F1BGFP(�) NSPCs and GBM-SCs.
DOI: 10.1002/jcb.24127
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