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標題: 可攜式塑膠基底免疫分析元件
Portable Thermoplastic Device for ELISA Applications
作者: 周昕澔
Chou, Hsin-Hao
關鍵字: 熱塑性塑膠;Thermoplastic;免疫分析;微流體元件;ELISA;Microfluidics device
出版社: 生醫工程研究所
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統中整合混沌流微型混合器提高 40% 混合效率與多孔式整體式聚合物提供大量
表面基使檢測效率比單純微流道提高 8 倍,實現微流體系統應用於血型檢測與酵

A multiplex microfluidic platform comprising manual screw pump, burst valve,
micromixer, and microfilter have been developed for blood typing and immunoassay
applications. First, commercial available screws are used for providing pressure to
priming the fluids. In addition, a simple surface modification on polymer surface by UV
irradiation is adopted to create gap with the size of microns and bonding strength
variance within chips for cell filtration and solution storage, respectively. Following the
integration of chaotic micromixers and porous monoliths in the flow networks can
increase mixing efficiency 40% also increase detection efficiency 8 times by provide
more surface area, respectively.Achieveblood typing and immunoassay onmicrofluidic
platform. We believe the proposed platform possesses the potential for affordable,
sensitive, specific, user-friendly, rapid and robust, equipment free and deliverable to
end-users (ASSURED) diagnostic applications
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