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標題: 光纖式微型生醫檢測之螢光激發平台研究
Miniaturized Fluorescence Excitation Platform with Optical Fiber for Bio-Chips
作者: 李宗哲
Lee, Tsung-Tse
關鍵字: fluorescence detection;螢光檢測;optical fiber;micro-mirror;wet etching;光纖;微反射面鏡;非等向性濕式蝕刻
出版社: 精密工程研究所

The thesis proposes new fluorescence detection with optical fibers. Anisotropic wet etching to fabrication V-groove for optical fiber alignment and micro-mirror is included. Combing with anodic bonding technique to adhere glass, silicon structure and optical fiber for a fluorescence excitation platform is completed. In this study, the etching solution 40% KOH was used to study the parameters effect. The results show that temperature is main parameter to affect significantly etch rate. The anisotropic etching resulted 54.7 reflective mirrors and its reflectivity for optical beam are also examined. Thus, they can prove the fluorescence excitation for the detection purpose.
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