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標題: 以晶圓接合研製具矽基板之氮化鎵發光二極體
Investigation and Fabrication of GaN Light -Emitting Diodes on Si by Wafer Bonding
作者: 潘冠甫
Pan, Kuan-Fu
關鍵字: GaN;氮化鎵;LED;Si substrate;laser lift-off;wafer bonding;發光二極體;矽基板;雷射剝離;晶圓接合
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本研究發現氮化鎵/鏡面/矽基板結構之發光二極體其電流-電壓特性與原始氮化鎵/藍寶石基板結構之氮化鎵發光二極體非常類似,此意味著經過雷射剝離製程及晶圓接合製程的元件,並不會因為製程上的改變而使得其元件電性受影響。在光特性上,氮化鎵/鏡面/矽基板結構之發光二極體在注入電流350 mA時,呈現出1456 mcd之發光亮度,此值約是氮化鎵/藍寶石結構 (570 mcd @ 350 mA) 的2.6倍。而在散熱特性方面,具有矽基板之發光二極體在350 mA電流注入下,接面溫度上升了約130℃,然而,在同樣的電流注入下對於原始藍寶路基板之發光二極體,接面溫度卻很快的上升了約210℃,由此可知具有良好散熱特性之矽基板,能使其有效的將接面所產生的熱散逸,因此此類發光二極體能承受較高之功率。由以上結果指出,具散熱基板之發光二極體,無論在電、光、熱特性方面,都優於傳統的藍寶石發光二極體。

For blue LEDs, due to the lack of native substrates, the GaN crystal structures are commonly grown on sapphire substrates. When blue LEDs driven on high current, the huge joule heating could inhibit LED performance because of the poor thermal conductivity of sapphire. In this work, a vertical type structure for GaN/mirror/Si LED is developed by a combination of wafer bonding and laser lift-off (LLO) techniques.
In the electricity characteristic, the I-V curves of the GaN/mirror/Si and original GaN/sapphire LED samples are nearly the same. This suggests that the LLO and Wafer bonding processes do not adversely affect the LED performance. In the optical characteristic, the luminance intensity of GaN/mirror/Si LED (1456 mcd at 350 mA) is 2.6 times than that of original planar GaN/Sapphire LED (570 mcd at 350 mA). In the heat sink characteristic, as the forward current increase from 20 to 350mA, the junction temperature of Si substrates increases from 23 to 151 C. This junction temperature is lower than sapphire substrate (37C to 246 C at 350mA). Therefore, the heat can be valid transfer from LED junction to heat sink across the Si substrate. It is evident that the device performance of the GaN/mirror/Si LED is better than that of the conventional GaN/sapphire LED. These results indicate that the GaN/mirror/Si LED presents the better performance due to the Si heat sink.
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