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標題: 具可撓式基板之固態發光二極體之研製
Investigation and fabrication of flexible solid state light emitting diode
作者: 王志宏
Wang, Chih-Hung
關鍵字: GaN;氮化鎵;LED;laser lift-off;flexible substrate;發光二極體;雷射剝離;可撓式基板
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本研究發現氮化鎵/鏡面/可撓式基板結構之發光二極體其電流-電壓特性與原始氮化鎵/藍寶石基板結構之發光二極體非常類似,此意味著經過雷射剝離製程及晶圓接合製程的元件,並不會因為製程上的改變而使得元件電性受到影響。本論文之另ㄧ個重點為以布拉格反射鏡(DBR)取代銀和鋁(Ag、Al)金屬作鏡面以得到較佳的發光特性。在光強度上,氮化鎵/鏡面/可撓式基板結構之發光二極體在注入電流20 mA時,DBR、Ag、Al鏡面分別呈現出91 mcd、61 mcd、39 mcd。結果發現使用DBR鏡面較Ag、Al鏡面具有更佳之反射效果。

In general, everyone thinks that the LCD is the main trend in panel display, but liquid crystal display mainly is made of glass substrates and it is not easy to carry with. In recent years, making plastic substrates with OLED enables the screen be easy to take along. Comparing with the traditional glass substrates, plastic substrates is cheap, easy-processed, light, and uninhibitedly twisted. Using plastic substrates to make the panel is half lighter than using the glass substrates. In this work, a flexible type structure for GaN/mirror/PC LED is developed by a combination of wafer bonding and laser lift-off (LLO) techniques.
In the electricity characteristic, the I-V curves of the GaN/morror/PC and original GaN/sapphire LED sample are nearly the same. This suggests that the laser lift-off and wafer bonding process do not adversely affect the LED performance. The DBR is proposed to replace Ag、Al can get the best lighting performances which is the other point in this thesis. As the mirror substrate with DBR, Ag , Al, the luminance intensity of the GaN/mirror/PC LED is 91 mcd, 61 mcd and 39 mcd respectively at operation current 20 mA. It is found the mirror with DBR is better than that with Ag、Al mirror.
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