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標題: 組合式微型麥克風元件製程技術之研發
Fabrication and Investigation of Microassembly-Type Microphone Devices
作者: 許池榮
Hsu, Chih-Jung
關鍵字: electret;駐極體;condenser;microphone;microassembly-type;電容式;麥克風;組合式
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本論文主要使用組合方法來研發電容式麥克風和駐極體麥克風,並利用微機電技術來製作組合式麥克風元件結構。主要實驗包含兩項:(1)組合式麥克風之理論分析與振膜應力釋放模擬。利用Ansys軟體模擬分析皺摺振膜與平坦振膜其性能之差別,藉由皺摺結構釋放應力來提高感度。(2)組合式麥克風之製程流程及感度量測結果。利用具可釋放應力的皺摺結構作為振膜,並利用微機電製程技術製作背板。量測結果可知,目前商業化的電容式微型麥克風感度可達8.9 mV/Pa,駐極體微型麥克風感度可達10 mV/Pa,而本研究的組合式電容麥克風在頻率1 kHz下達7.67 mV/Pa的感度,組合式駐極體麥克風達47.3 mV/Pa的高感度。

Microelectromechanical system fabrication technologies has fast development, to help the structure, actuators and sensors to have such characteristics as miniaturization, easy to use and low cost, and which has become one of the main aspect of scholarly research with time.
In this paper, we have developed a new micro-assembly method which is suitable to both condenser microphone and electred microphone by using micromachined technology. Our study mainly includes two parts, one is theory and simulation of microassembly-type microphone and it is simulation of the diaphragm to reduced surface stress. We utilized the software Ansys to simulate and analyze corrugated and flat diaphragms. By the corrugated diaphragms to reduced surface stress, and we can obtain better sensitivity. In two part, the process flow for microassembly-type microphone fabrication, and sensitivity measurement. We utilized to reduced stress corrugated structure serve as the required diaphragm and make the backplate of micromachined technology.
In the measurement, we can obtain sensitivity of 7.67 mV/Pa in frequency of 1 k of microassembly-type condenser microphone and sensitivity of 47.3 mV/Pa in frequency of 1 k of microassembly-type electret microphone.
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