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標題: 奈米電鑄應用於奈米線之製程研究
Study of Nano-Electroforming Process for Nano-Wires Production
作者: 林俊男
Lin, Chunnan
關鍵字: Anodic aluminum oxide;電子束微影;anodizing method;E-beam lithography;Electroforming;奈米柱;為基材;奈米線;耐蝕性
出版社: 精密工程研究所

Two methods are studied to fabricate sub-micron nano-wires; one is the template method and the other is E-Beam Lithography. Anodic aluminum oxide was used to manufacture nano-rods in Ni-Co. Using anodizing method to form anodic aluminum oxide template was studied by controlling the experiment parameter. It was based on the anodic aluminum oxide template substrate to manufacture post array pattern, and then reproduced nano-rods in Ni-Co. It can be furtured used in memory chips, electromagnetic elements and so on. The other method is E-beam lithography to fabricate Ni nano-wires. E-beam lithography was to fabricate nano-patterns, and then fabricate Ni nano-wires by electroforming process. This method provides flexible patterns and can be for molding process in future applications.
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