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標題: 微球透鏡熱融成型於鐵氟龍之製程探討
Study of Micro Ball Lens Fabrication Using Thermal Reflow on PTFE Coating Wafers
作者: 蔡文仁
Tsai, Wen-Jen
關鍵字: 微球透鏡;micro ball lens;鐵氟龍;疏水性質;矽基材;熱融成型;薄膜;PTFE
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本論文研究重點在於利用一種簡單的方法製作微球透鏡及其陣列,球透鏡適合用於水平任何方向的傳輸如光纖耦合,更有利於光纖通訊、光儲存系統、生醫科技。利用鐵氟龍(PTFE)的斥水性,熔融光阻和鐵氟龍間接觸角增大而形成微球透鏡及其陣列。其主要製程步驟是先在矽基材上塗佈一層龍氟龍薄膜,利用黃光微影製程製作直徑大小為60、70和80μm的光阻AZ4620圓柱,再使用熱融完成微球透鏡及其陣列,此種方法擁有使用簡易的旋轉塗機等機械設備、一道黃光微影製程、簡單的製作過程和低材料耗費等優點。量測結果顯示光阻圓柱直徑誤差在1 % 以下、微球透鏡直徑與高度誤差約在5 % 與7 % 內。

This paper presents a simple method to fabricate micro-ball and its array. The ball type microlens is a sphere which allows the light focusing in all directions on the substrate surface and thus provides the flexibility for fiber coupling in optical communication, applications optical storage systems, and biomedical instruments on PTFE coating wafers. Using the large contact angle between PTFE and melted photoresist can form micro-ball lens and its array. The main processing steps include spin coating a PTFE film on a Si wafer. Pattern sizes ranged from 60, 70 and 80μm cylindrical pot array in photoresist AZ4620 were fabricated in lithography process and thermal reflow to form micro-ball lens array. The advantages of this method include using simple coating machine, one mask for lithography process, simple fabrication process, and low material coat. From the measurement data of the measurement, the inaccuracy of photoresist for cylindrical diameter is less than 1% , the inaccuracy of diameter and height of micro-ball lens is about less than 5% and 7% .
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