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標題: 新型微結構於導光板設計分析
Novel micro-structure for light guide plate design and analysis
作者: 易威廷
Yi, Wei-Ting
關鍵字: 背光模組;導光板;發光二極體;暗帶問題;圓錐微結構;四角錐微結構;backlight module、light-guide plate、LED、dark field、micro-tapered structure、pyramid structure
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本文首先探討有關於導光板網點之模擬與設計,對於網點的佈點設計,已經模擬出高均齊度與高輝度表現的導光板。接著是以模擬設計與實際加工之驗證,以解決導光板入光側所會遇到的暗帶問題,對於暗帶的改善也提出有效的解決方法。 利用模擬方法將新型微結構應用於導光板,並模擬出比傳統式導光板輝度表現還要佳的新型微結構。最後將所模擬的新型微結構,以黃光微影製程將微結構實際製作出來,並將所作之微結構,直接放入背光模組進行輝度值與均齊度之量測;由量測之數據得知,圓錐微結構確實如模擬結果所示,其輝度表現比傳統式導光板佳,而這也更進一步的驗證模擬結果的準確性與適用性。

This thesis is firstly to investigate the optical pattern simulation and design for light-guide plates. High uniformity and brightness light-guide plate were completed in the certain design. Following the simulation work, practical machining experiments were used to solve the dark field in the light input side. The improvement methods were proposed. New microstructures were applied to light-guide plates using optical simulation and resulting the brightness more excellent than tranditional light-guide plates. Finally, manufacture the novel microstructures by photo-lithography process and place it into the backlight modul to measure its uniforminity and brightness. From the measurement data, the brightness of micro-tapered structure is actually more excellent than tranditional light-guide plates. Therefore, the experiment results can verify the accuracy and compatibility of the optical simulation.
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