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標題: 以微圓錐狀結構提高導光板亮度製程研究
Manufacturing Process Study of High Brightness Light-Guide Plate Using Tapered Microstructure
作者: 吳孟諭
Wu, Meng-Yu
關鍵字: 薄膜液晶顯示器;背光模組;導光板;圓錐柱微結構;圓錐柱;TFT-LCD、back light module、light guide plate、micro tapered structure、tapered post
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本研究利用近接式複印法之間距控制以及曝光劑量的調配,可成功製造不同角度的圓錐柱微結構,並嘗試將此結構應用於導光板製造技術上。我們將圓錐柱陣列之導光板實際置入背光模組中,並透過 Trace Pro 光學模擬,由實驗與模擬的結果發現,圓錐柱微結構導光板確有提高輝度之效用,將來有機會朝高亮度、低成本、低耗電之方向努力。

Micro-tapered post array fabrication for new light-guide plate molding technology was developed. It used UV proximity printing method by controlling printing gap size resulting tapered microstructures. Various tapered angles of micro-cone pit patterns can be fabricated using this method. Optical simulation also showed micro-tapered post array increasing the brightness of light-guide plates at certain layout.
New microstructure fabrication for light-guide plate molding can increase the display brightness and uniformity. Different aperture pattern sizes for micro-tapered post array fabrication were investigated. Furthermore, various tapered angle cone fabrication technology and optical simulation results will be provided for high brightness and uniformity panel displays.
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