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標題: Carrier transport mechanism in a nanoparticle-incorporated organic bistable memory device
作者: Lin, H.T.
Pei, Z.
Chan, Y.J.
關鍵字: mechanism;organic memory;space-chargelimited current (SCLC);thin-film;complex
Project: Ieee Electron Device Letters
期刊/報告no:: Ieee Electron Device Letters, Volume 28, Issue 7, Page(s) 569-571.
In this letter, the conduction mechanism in nanoparticle-contained polymer memory was investigated experimentally and theoretically. The current-voltage characteristics showed that the device switches from an initial low-conductivity state to a high-conductivity state upon application of an external electric field at room temperature. The current transition exhibited a very narrow voltage range that causes an abrupt increase of current. A trap-filled space-charge-limited current model was proposed and supported by the experimental data to explain the transport mechanism in organic memory.
ISSN: 0741-3106
DOI: 10.1109/led.2007.899668
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