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標題: 磷化鋁鎵銦發光二極體外部量子效率提昇之研究
Study on external quantum efficiency of AlGaInP LEDs
作者: 姚良雨
Yao, Liang-Yu
關鍵字: Light Emitting Diode;發光二極體;AlGaInP;External quantum efficiency;磷化鋁鎵銦;外部量子效率
出版社: 精密工程研究所
在乾式蝕刻的部份,我們將磷化鋁鎵銦發光二極體的表面,塗上聚苯乙烯小球(Polystyrene Sphere)當做自然光罩,利用電感耦合式電漿蝕刻系統(Inductively coupled plasma etching system),通入氯氣與氬氣的混合氣體進行蝕刻,在發光強度上,正常工作電流20mA下,增加光強度約25%,而光功率增加約12%。

In the study, the surface of AlGaInP light emitting diodes were roughened by dry and wet etching methods. Textured surface can increase the emitting area and allow more lights to escape from the surface of LEDs. It will enhance the light intensity and output power.
In the dry etching process, polystyrene spheres were used to as natural mask. Polystyrene spheres were coated on the surface of AlGaInP LEDs in a randomly close-packed array. The surface of LEDs was roughened by ICP employing the mixture of Cl2 and Ar gases. After roughing, the light intensity and the outpower of LEDs are increased by 25% and 12% respectively at an operation current of 20mA for light-emitting diode chip of 12 mil size.
In the wet etching process, the surface was roughened by the mixture of HF, HNO3, CH3COOH and ICH2COOH solution. The light intensity of LEDs is increased by 15% at an operation current of 20mA for light-emitting diode chip of 12 mil size.
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