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標題: 曲率可調微透鏡陣列技術應用於視角可變LCD光 學設計與模擬
Design and Simulation for Variable Viewangle LCD with Adjustable Curvature Microlens Array
作者: 康家梁
Kang, Chia-Liang
關鍵字: adjustable curvature;曲率;microlens array;viewangle;energy-saving;可調;微透鏡陣列;視角;節能
出版社: 精密工程學系所
傳統LCD TV 通常是為多數人收看所設計,故背光源視角較廣;但在少數人收看時,不需較廣的背光源視角,即可滿足觀看需求,此時其它視角的光線能量無形中就浪費了。基於此一動機,希望設計一曲率可調微透鏡陣列技術,來達到視角可隨需要調整之目的,並具有節省能源之效果。
本論文研究以SPEOS 光學模擬軟體來建構視角可變的LCD 模組,研究成果有:1.在直下式背光模組中加入透鏡組合,把LED 光源轉成平行光源,再經過擴散片來達到所需角度,與傳統直下式背光模組先藉由擴散片擴散再經稜鏡片收集光線視角做法不同,目的在為節省稜鏡片成本並具有創新性;2.在LCD 顯示器的每一個次畫素R、G、B 前面,模擬加入曲率可調微透鏡陣列技術,藉由曲率半徑改變,進而改變出光之視角,並可隨觀賞者之人數而加以調整,達到節能效果。

Traditional LCD TV with wider viewangle backlight is designed for multi-observers. But for few observers, providing such a wide viewangle results in energy-wasting. Considering this, we build an adjustable curvature microlens array to adjust the viewangle for different number of watchers to achieve energy saving target.
This research uses optical simulation soft-ware to build variable-viewangle LCD module. Two steps are taken to achieve our target. (1) First, we combine different sets of lens with bottom-lit BLM(Back Light Module) and transform the LED light into parallel light, then using diffusion sheet to expand the viewangle. (2) Second, we add adjustable curvature microlens array in front of every sub pixel (R, G, B) in LCD. Through the change of radius of the microlens, we can vary the viewangle and adjust it according to number of observers and achieve the goal of energy-saving.
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