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標題: 製作圖案化布拉格反射鏡之近紫外光發光二極體 之研製
Fabrication of InGaN Near-UV Light Emitting Diodes with a Patterned DBR Structure
作者: 蔡瀅全
Tsai, Ying-Chiuan
關鍵字: GaN;氮化銦鎵;light-emitting diode (LED);laser lift-off;precision electroplate;紫外光發光二極體;布拉格反射鏡;差排
出版社: 精密工程學系所
本論文主要研製在氮化銦鎵近紫外光 (400nm) 發光二極體植入圖案化布拉格反射鏡,並探討材料特性和其光電元件的特性。此圖案化布拉格反射鏡將可以阻擋貫穿式差排於隨後的磊晶薄膜內之延伸,而在其上方之橫向磊晶也將進一步降低磊晶薄膜缺陷密度,以改善氮化鎵磊晶品質,另外,布拉格反射鏡所具備之反射率也能夠增加光之取出效率,提升發光二極體之光輸出功率。
其蝕刻缺陷密度則分別為6.3 ×105 cm-2與4.7×106 cm-2,此結果顯示出藉由植入圖案化布拉格反射鏡可以改善磊晶薄膜之結晶質,降低缺陷密度,以當作高品質之底材。在元件特性方面,具備圖案化布拉格反射鏡及不具備之發光二極體
操作在20 mA時,其順向偏壓分別為3.51及3.52 V,此結果意味導入圖案化布拉格反射鏡並不會影響二極體之操作電壓。而其在-5V之反向偏壓之逆向漏電分別為0.11nA與1.36nA,這樣的改善可歸因於降低缺陷密度所致。另外,其光輸出功率可由3.55mW增加至4.70 mW,此32.39%的光功率提升,顯示出藉由改善氮化鎵底材的品質及導入圖案化布拉格反射鏡增加光取出效率,是為深具淺力之提升元件效能之方式。

In this is,a 400nm near-ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN light-emitting diode with a patterened distributed Bragg reflector (P-DBR LED) in this sudy is demonstrated. The design of embeded patterned DBR on a GaN template attempts to reduce threading dislocation density (TDD) in the epitaxial template and enhance light extractions efficiency via the reflective behavior of the DBR at the same time. The full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) of double crystal X-ray diffraction peak for (002) and (102) plane of GaN bulk with and without patterned DBR are 275.2 and 299 ; 324.4 and 435 arcsec, respectively. Furthermore the etch pit density of them are 6.3 ×105 cm-2 and 4.7×106 cm-2, respectively. It is believed that the patterned DBR can block the threading dislocations and also create the lateral epitaxy growth, then results in obviously epitaxial crystalline improvement and defect density decreaseing. The forward voltage (@ 20 mA) of the P-DBR and conventional LEDs were 3.51V and 3.52 V, respectively. These results indicated that the operating voltage of the P-DBR LED does not arise by this P-DBR structure design. The leakage (@ -5 V) of the P-DBR and conventional LEDs were 0.11 nA and 1.36 nA, respectively. Besides, The light output power for the P-DBR LED was about 1.3 times stronger (@ 20 mA) than the conventional LED. The significant performance improvements can attribute not only the GaN template quality reform, but also light extraction enhancement via the embedded patterned DBR.
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