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標題: 新型平面熱電式致動器之設計與開發
Design and Fabrication of The Novel Planar Electro-thermal Actuator
作者: 李宏達
Lee, hong-da
關鍵字: thermal actuators;雙向式;H-beam;optical switch;熱電式致動器;光切換器
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本實驗首先根據之前所設計雙向式thermal actuators的缺點,重新設計出兩款新型之H-beam雙向式致動器(為Type1和Type2)。
其次再比較幾組不同尺寸之H-shape X-beam thermal actuators,由實際量測之結果獲得最佳設計參數為: Beam Width -- 8μm及Beam angle 0.5°,且其位移量都可達80μm以上;然後在根據所得之最佳beam width尺寸及beam角度,設計出一新型H-beam雙向式致動器(Type3 H-beam)。
然後,這三種thermal actuators 先以ANSYS模擬比較,再經實際量測其位移量結果,得到最好的一組H-beam 雙向式致動器,為Type1 H-beam 雙向式致動器,其在驅動電壓50V時,位移量可達50μm。
並且將Type1 H-beam 雙向式致動器應用在2×2 光切換器平台上。本實驗亦量測2×2 光切換器之光學訊號,Transmission state 之IL=-0.96dB、BR=-50dB和PDL=-0.01dB﹔Switching state 之IL=-1.25dB、BR=-57dB和PDL=-0.05dB,都可得到不錯量測結果 。量測switching speed時,在驅動電壓29V時,微反射遮板前進光切換時間為6.8ms,和微反射遮板後退光切換時間為1.96ms,亦能獲得較佳之結果。

The electrothermal actuators have been known as their large displacement and high force output. There are two well-studied electrothermal actuators, i.e., the U-shaped actuator and V-beam actuator. Both actuators can provide one directional displacement in the static actuation operation. This characteristic is attributed by that static displacement generated from electrothermal actuators is formed by net volume expansion due to the thermal expansion difference distributed over the whole actuator structure. Since the net volume expansion is always pointing to one direction. In the application of optical switch, it is common to require the on-off operation from the device view point. Thus the actuator is demanded to provide the two-way motion, i.e., forward and backward, for optical switch application.
This thesis first presents the comprehensive study on a new electrothermal actuator, denoted as H-shape X-beam actuator. This new actuator can provide large static displacement and force output. Briefly speaking, we compared several different types of H-shape X-beam actuators. According to the simulated results and the measured results, we can find out the optimal design parameters are beam width of 8μm , beam angle of 0.5 degree, and it can achieve maximum displacement of 86μm, under driving voltage of 23 V.
Secondly, we proposed a new bi-directional movable electrothermal actuator, denoted as H-beam actuator. We verified the design of H-beam actuators by experimental data based on three types of structures. The best design, type 1 design, of H-beam actuator can generate forward maximum displacement of 52μm, under driving voltage of 40V, and backward maximum displacement of 52μm, under driving voltage of 40 V.
Finally, the derived 2x2 optical switch using type 1 H-beam actuator can achieve performance including: IL=-0.96dB, BR=-50dB and PDL=-0.01dB(Transmission State) under driving voltage of 29 V; IL=-0.96dB, BR=-50dB and PDL=-0.01dB(Switching State) under driving voltage of 29V. Forward Switching time is 6.8ms, and backward Switching time is 1.96ms.
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