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標題: A novel adjuvant Ling Zhi-8 for cancer DNA vaccines
作者: Chu, Ching-Liang
Chen, Dz-Chi
Lin, Chi-Chen
關鍵字: cancer;DNA vaccine;adjuvant;LZ-8;fungal immunomodulatory protein;dendritic cell;immunomodulatory protein;ganoderma-lucidum;immune-response;cells;modulation;her-2/neu;prospects;breast;future;trial
Project: Human Vaccines, Volume 7, Issue 11, Page(s) 1161-1164.
DNA vaccines have a wide range of applications, with several potential advantages compared with other vaccine technologies for diseases. No DNA vaccine has yet been licensed in humans; however, a lot of effort has been made to enhance their potential as human vaccines and therapeutics. Finding an effective adjuvant is a strategy to improve the efficacy of DNA vaccines. We recently identified a fungal immunomodulatory protein Ling Zhi-8 (LZ-8) with stimulatory activity on dendritic cells (DCs) that significantly increases the efficacy of a cancer DNA vaccine in a preclinical tumor model, suggesting that LZ-8 may be a good candidate adjuvant for vaccine development. Here we discuss the possibility for applying LZ-8 to a cancer DNA vaccine for humans.
ISSN: 1554-8600
DOI: 10.4161/hv.7.11.17753
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