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標題: 以微波帶通濾波器之設計基礎研製射頻微機電帶通濾波器
The Research of RF MEMS Bandpass Filter on the basis of the Microwave Bandpass Filter
作者: 邵志偉
Shao, Chih Wei
關鍵字: Bandpass Filter;帶通濾波器;MEMS;Lowpass Filter;Stepped Impedance Resonator;Diplexer;Defect Ground Structure;surface micromachining technology;bulk micromachining technology;微機電;低通濾波器;步階式阻抗;雙工器;缺陷地平面式;面型微加工技術;體型微加工技術
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本篇論文主要是應用微機電製程之特性與方法設計射頻微機電帶通濾波器。首先,利用玻璃纖維板設計各種不同種類之帶通濾波器(Bandpass Filter)或低通濾波器(Lowpass Filter),以觀察濾波器之差入損失(Insertion Loss)及返回損失(Return Loss)與基板之特性關聯。其次,以抑制二次、三次諧波為研究重點,設計各種新式帶通濾波器,其中含步階式阻抗帶通濾波器(Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filter)、步階式阻抗雙工器帶通濾波器(Stepped Impedance Resonator Diplexer Bandpass Filter)、雙層式步階式阻抗帶通濾波器(Multilayer Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filter )、缺陷地平面式低通濾波器(Defect Ground Structure)等,並於各種不同厚度之基板上實現。

This thesis focuses on the design and analysis of MEMS bandpass filter by micromachine technology. The first research, design and analysis many different bandpass filters and lowpass filters by FR4 GD substrate for observe insertion loss and return loss of filters. The second research, to design many different bandpass filters and low passfilters for suppress second or third spurious response. The designed filters include: Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filter、Stepped Impedance Resonator Diplexer Bandpass Filter、Multilayer Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filter、Defect Ground Structure etc. Compared to traditional planar transmission lines such as microstrip, and coplanar waveguide, the microshield line allows single modes, TEM wave propagation with low dielectric loss, low radiation loss, and almost zero dispersion with air dielectric. In this master''s degree, the design of microwave parallel bandpass filter and dual mode bandpass filter are base on microshield line and accomplished by silicon micromachining technology. The first, using surface micromachining technology to define the bandpass filter pattern, the second, using bulk micromachining technology to etch silicon wafer to from the bandpass filter suspension in the air. The microshield line is chosen as the transmission line, which is formed by etching in <111> direction of <100>silicon wafer and is in a trapezoidal cross sectional shape. For which, the characteristic impedance is calculated by employing commercial software based on the quasi TEM assumption. Finally, The microwave parallel and dual mode bandpass filter in Ka-band are fabricated by the micromachining process.
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