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標題: 數位式微鏡面元件之製作與可靠度研究
The Research of Fabrication and Reliability Testing in Digital Micromirror Device
作者: 陳至賢
Chen, Chih-Hsien
關鍵字: Digital Micromirror Device;數位式微鏡面元件;MEMS;Reliability;Nano Indenter;微機電系統;可靠度;奈米壓痕量測系統
出版社: 精密工程研究所
本研究在於設計與開發出改良型T型鉸鏈之的數位式微鏡面元件(Digital Micromirror Device),在整個流程中,以模擬軟體(Intellisuite)作為微鏡面元件設計開發的輔助工具,以了解微鏡面元件結構中的各種尺寸與物理特性對微鏡面元件的驅動電壓與應力分佈情形之影響。在微鏡面元件製作中以能較簡化製程的選擇性鎢沉積,來製作微鏡面之支撐柱(support post),在微鏡面元件實際製作完成後,利用奈米壓痕量測系統(Nano-Indenter)進行鉸鏈可靠度的測試,最後將試驗結果與模擬結果進行比對分析,以發展奈米壓痕量測系統於鉸鏈可靠度之測試。

In this research a novel digital micro-mirror device (DMD) with the T-shape hinge is developed. The simulation tool -Intellisuite, is employed to design the device, and also to study the effect of structure size and physics characteristic on the micro-mirror. A selective tungsten CVD technique is employed to fabricate the support post. The nano-indenter is used to analyze the mechanic reliability of testing hinge for the device with different structures.
The requirement of material properties for hinge is low tensile stress and low resistivity. The character of the hinge is critical to the reliability and lifetime of DMD. The CoSixNy via reactive sputtering is the potential hinge material with enough toughness. It observed that the CoSixNy film stress will increase as process pressure increases. Because tungsten post was etched in the HF etchant, there is failure in process flow of release step. The mainframe of devices can been produced routinely by modification of devices fabrication process. In the hinge reliability testing, it had loaded force in ten thousand times of device driving force on the hinge. The testing was done about thirty hours. The result of hinge reliability testing doesn't have any creak or hinge memory. The hinge is too strong for thickness of hinge. However, the corresponding hinge thickness lends to high driving voltage. There can't change condition that environment in the test .We had try to analysis and solve some problems on the experiment.
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