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標題: 多晶矽微電熱式致動器之運動特性探討及其應用於可調變光衰減器之研究
作者: 林佑昇
Lin, Yu-Shen
關鍵字: MEMS;微機電系統;MUMPs;actuator;electrothermal actuator;variable optical attenuator(VOA);optical switch;optical measurement system;out-of-plane motion;致動器;微致動器;電熱式致動器;可調變光衰減器;光切換器;光學量測系統
出版社: 精密工程研究所
目前以面型微加工技術所製作之微致動器,有鑒於致動器的可靠度是實際應用上非常重要的特性, 而U型電熱式致動器由於具有出力大、位移量大且可與CMOS製程相容等優點,因此在微機電系統元件常被廣泛地使用,雖其驅動機制和結構雖較其他致動器簡單,然而其在驅動時,常遭遇到不穩定的驅動狀態,此可靠度問題實為電熱以及靜電式驅動之微致動器非常重要的特性。因此以下將探討U型電熱式微致動器在驅動時所遭遇到的不穩定現象,並且提出解決改善之方法;由此獲得的結果,對其他以電熱以及靜電式驅動之微致動器也會有所助益,另外,本研究將設計一位移量放大機制,也就是致動器在同平面上只需要位移一個很小的位移量即可獲得相當大的微鏡面旋轉角度和垂直位移量,進一步地將電熱式致動器和此一位移量放大機制結合而應用於可調變光衰減器之設計製作上,其藉由鏡面旋轉角度的放大而將光路調變至出平面方向,此乃一新型之光路調變機制。

Microactuators of different actuation mechanisms, such as electrostatic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric and electrothermal, and so on, have been demonstrated by means of micromachining technology. Among them, surface micromachined electrothermal actuator (ETA) is very attractive for many applications, such as optical MEMS and RF MEMS, due to its advantages of relatively large output force and displacement.
In the practical applications, the long-term motion stability of actuator is very crucial. Based on the experimental observation, however, we found that U-shape ETA often showed unstable motion. This motion instability was very possibly caused by floating-charge-induced electrostatic force. We investigate the motion behavior of U-shape ETA actuator, and discuss relations between the observed results and influence of accumulated floating charge to the motion stability. Afterwards we develop optimized ETA and conclude it with optimum motion characteristics and force output.
Additionally, we design a new movement translation micromechanism (MTM), that is proposed to amplify small in-plane displacement into large out-of-plane rotation angle and vertical displacement. A novel optical light attenuation method is capable of steering a portion of transmitted light toward out-of-plane direction in terms of rotation angle change of pop-up mirror manipulated by using our optimized ETA array and proposed MTM.
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