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標題: 基於卡門渦列之壓電式獵能器的設計與分析
Design and analysis for a piezoelectric energy harvester base on the Karma vortex street
作者: 黃彥斌
Huang, Yen-Bin
關鍵字: Piezoelectric energy harvester;壓電能量收集器;Vibration;Karman vortex street;Micro system;振動;卡門渦列;微系統
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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The demand for self-powered embedded and remote microsystems is increasing. In this thesis, a micro piezoelectric energy harvester is developed. The operation is base on flow induced vibration. A bluff body is embedded in a micro water channel and pressure fluctuation is generated behind the bluff body. The energy harvester harnesses energy from the Karma vortex street behind bluff bodies. It converts flow energy into electrical energy by piezoelectric conversion with oscillation of a piezoelectric plate.
In this study, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module and solid structural module of Ansys are used to analyze the pressure fluctuation and the mechanical behavior of the device, respectively. The arrangement of single and dual bluff bodies are investigated. A novel design of the energy harvester is developed. Finally, the fabrication steps and experimental set up for the micro energy harvester based on the new design is proposed.
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